Crime Prevention Products Show How Camera Protection Can Be Affordable

December 12, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Following the shocking riots in August this year, there has been a surge in public support for CCTV cameras to deter potential criminals and catch offenders. While CCTV can be pricey, leading security providers such as Crime Prevention Products say there is a very good solution to this cost problem which will allow any home or commercial property to be able to afford camera protection.

A quality Dummy Security Camera is encased in real camera housings, making it look entirely as if it were the real thing. Some even come complete with a flashing battery operated LED light, so that criminals believe the camera is switched on and filming.

Their effectiveness is further enhanced when used with clearly visible, professionally produced warning signs. In many cases, potential thieves are deterred by even seeing this CCTV protection warning on the outside of a property.

In addition, using a dummy camera instead of a real CCTV model will save customers hundreds of pounds, sometimes thousands for large premises. Not only is the initial outlay far cheaper, there is no need for the maintenance, monitoring and film storage that real cameras necessitate.

An internal Dummy CCTV Camera with an authentic housing will start in price for as little as £20 to £35. External models, which need to be weatherproof and rust resistant, can cost a mere £30 to £100.
Security experts recommend however that people look carefully at the risk level of their premises. If a retail shop carries costly high-end items, they will need the maximum security of real CCTV. For many properties however, dummy cameras will provide a suitable deterrent to opportunistic criminals and at a fraction of the cost.

Experts also advise the public that there needn't be an either/or decision dummy cameras can be used extremely effectively when complimenting real CCTV. By combining CCTV in the most at-risk entry points of a premises and dummy models in less at-risk areas, comprehensive security can be had in more locations of a property while at the same time saving money.

CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, commented: "CCTV is proving to be a highly effective means to ensure public safety and order. For the places where it is simply too costly to install, dummy cameras can provide the right deterrent solution to makes people feel safe and criminals feel watched. But we urge consumers not to buy the cheapest models which look extremely fake, since professional burglars will easily be able to spot them as such. A quality dummy camera that has real CCTV housing and a flashing light is highly affordable and its authentic appearance will do the job right."