ROI of Combustible Dust Vacuum Cleaners-Immediate

December 13, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Inevitably, when OSHA issues citations for serious violations for combustible dust hazards, housekeeping is among the violations that often accompany the violation of allowing combustible dust to accumulate. The average fine proposed by OSHA since August of this year that included combustible dust accumulation was $40,000. The average price for combustible dust vacuum cleaners listed on the VAC-U-MAX website is $4000. Compliance is priceless.

Beyond being in compliance with NFPA and OSHA combustible dust standards, the use of intrinsically safe vacuum cleaners in dusty environments reduce respiratory hazards, sometimes eliminating the need for respirators all together for a particular area of a plant. Often companies cited for the serious violation of accumulations of combustible dust are also cited for respiratory hazard violations as well.

Of the four most recent news releases from OSHA's website that detail the serious violations for combustible dust, implementing heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners for dust mitigation would have eliminated half of the violations-and quite possibly more.

Industrial combustible dust vacuum cleaners are ideally suited for sucking up heavy materials, large volumes of materials, or where fugitive dust mitigation is needed over long distances. Available as portable, continuous duty, and central vacuum systems, heavy duty industrial vacuum cleaners often reduce housekeeping labor by half, and eliminate dust particles being blown into the air by other cleaning methods such as sweeping, wiping down, or blowing with compressed air-an act routinely discouraged by most safety agencies.

Reducing the amount of fugitive dust by using intrinsically safe vacuum cleaners not only improves air quality inside the plant, but also reduces the amount of fugitive dust accumulation on machinery, pipes, and controls, further enhancing safety when dealing with combustible dusts.

A minimum of 10 average-priced combustible dust vacuum cleaners could have been purchased with one $40,000 fine, but most average sized plants wouldn't need more than one. For larger, operations with heavy dust, larger volumes, or that need to vacuum over long distances, 10 might still be excessive.

The return on investment for industrial combustible dust vacuum cleaners is immediate when you factor in compliance and worker safety.

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