Uhuru Delivers Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry

December 15, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Redmond, WA, December 15th, 2011 Uhuru Software, Inc., a software start-up that helps Microsoft Windows developers take advantage of Cloud Computing, today delivered Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry. Uhuru's product marks the industry's first native Microsoft .NET extensions to Cloud Foundry. Cloud Foundry, from VMware, Inc., has built a dedicated fan base among developers and IT managers eager to find simpler ways to deploy and manage their applications hosted in the cloud. Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry allows .NET developers and Windows IT managers to deploy and scale .NET applications with Cloud Foundry using the Windows tools they're used to. Uhuru is contributing source code under the Apache 2 license.

Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry, an Open Source offering, now makes it possible for developers of Windows .NET applications to take advantage of the management and deployment simplicity offered through Cloud Foundry. Previously, Cloud Foundry supported only Open Source development environments such as Spring for Java and Ruby on Rails. Now, by taking advantage of Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry, Windows .NET developers can focus on building great applications rather than worry about how to deploy their software on specific cloud services, or how to scale their applications to handle large work-loads.

"Cloud Foundry has changed the way developers and IT Managers think about developing and deploying software for hosting in the cloud. It virtually eliminates the customization and deployment work they needed to do. Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry brings this same simplicity to .NET applications," said Jawad Khaki, co-founder and CEO of Uhuru. "With .NET Services for Cloud Foundry, .NET developers can use the tools they are already familiar with, like Visual Studio and Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins, and still quickly deploy software they write to whichever cloud service they wish to use."

No more cloud service lock-in for .NET applications

By using Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry together with Cloud Foundry Windows, .NET developers also gain application portability. Developers will be able to easily move their software from one cloud service to another with no modifications. Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry doesn't lock users in to one vendor. User are free to select the most appropriate cloud service from among the many competing providers. Private and public clouds are also both supported with Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry.

With Uhuru's product, organizations can quickly move their applications to increase capacity across multiple cloud service providers. They can even switch to entirely new hosting services without any disruption or inconvenience. The product is built to provide maximum flexibility and agility for Windows organizations.

Bringing the benefits of cloud computing to .NET users

Uhuru understands the challenges facing IT managers and developers. The Uhuru executive team's first-hand experience managing IT departments and .NET development teams inspired them to create Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry.

"Uhuru's vision is to bring the best of .NET and Open Source together. In today's announcement we are taking the first step in offering open source capabilities to .NET developers, so they can benefit from the agility and flexibility that cloud computing offers," said Jawaid Ekram, co-founder and COO of Uhuru. "We plan to offer additional services to enhance both the .NET and the open source community in the future."

Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry was built with a focus on providing a full-service product that accommodates and enhances the .NET user's environment. The product integrates with Windows and provides support for Visual Studio, MMC, SQL Server-all the systems that developers and administrators use as part of their daily work. Uhuru will continue to leverage its expertise in Microsoft Windows and developer tools to evolve the Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry as the premiere .NET Cloud Foundry solution.

Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry: the choice for Microsoft Windows .NET developers wanting to use cloud computing

Regardless of the cloud service used, Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry is the solution for simplifying .NET software development in the cloud. Uhuru.NET Services for Cloud Foundry:

  • Can be installed on the virtual machines of any cloud service provider.
  • Can be installed on private clouds.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the tools Windows .NET developers already use.
  • Doesn't require developers to customize their code for specific Cloud Computing services.
  • Deploys .NET applications to the cloud with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry is available as an Open Source release

    Uhuru is releasing Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry as an Open Source offering, allowing the broader development community to use and contribute to the platform. IT managers and .NET developers can find the Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry documentation and source code on the Uhuru web site.

    "We are delighted to see Uhuru's contribution of .NET support for Cloud Foundry," said Tod Nielsen, Co-President of Cloud Application Platforms at VMware. "There is significant demand from .NET developers to move their applications to the cloud, and with .NET support for Cloud Foundry, they will be able deploy and scale both new and existing .NET applications with ease."

    Uhuru is committed to delivering quality tools that meet the needs of Windows and .NET developers and IT managers. As an Open Source offering, Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry will benefit from the input and contributions of Open Source community members. "We're looking forward to getting input from the community and expect community contributions to shape the direction of the product," said CEO Khaki.

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  • About Uhuru Software, Inc.

    Uhuru Software, Inc. is a Redmond-based software start-up founded by former Microsoft executives and engineers. Uhuru provides comprehensive integrated application development platforms, management tools, and services to enable rapid development and deployment of solutions in private or public clouds by enterprises and service providers. Uhuru is dedicated to bringing the best of Windows and Open Source development together.

    Uhuru was founded by Jawad Khaki and Jawaid Ekram. Jawad Khaki is a former Microsoft Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and a 20 year veteran of the company. Jawad led engineers and business leaders to deliver networking, communication and device technologies for Microsoft® Windows client and server operating system platforms. Trained and educated as a computer engineer in London, Jawad started his career in 1979 as a hardware design engineer developing hardware and firmware for UK based GEC Computers Ltd. and then in 1985 as a UNIX development consultant for AT&T Bell Laboratories. With roots in software development and long experience leading development teams on UNIX and Windows, Mr. Khaki understands the challenges that .NET developers face.

    Jawaid Ekram is a cloud computing industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in engineering and in the operations of large scale systems. He is a former General Manager at Microsoft where he was responsible for Global Foundations Services (Data Center) and Live Meeting Services (SaaS). Before Microsoft, Jawaid was CIO/VP Services of Placeware, where he transitioned the product from software to SaaS. Prior to that, he served as Senior Vice President of Visa International for five years. Mr. Ekram brings his knowledge of and passion for improving IT Management to Uhuru's executive team.