December 19, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Help us get to One Million WikiObserver Christmas Reports

WikiObserver™ is a new Micro-video & Crowdsourcing app that taps into many smartphone capabilities, including GPS functionality, to effectively engage today's on-the-go audience. Created by the developers at Guardian Watch, LLC, WikiObserver™ lets people "Show and Tell" where and what they are up to using their iPhones or Androids.

WikiObserver™ report categories include Outdoor Adventures, On Campus, At Work, Parties, Political Campaigns, Utilities, and most importantly Emergency Reports. Each report category includes a unique Pin, so when observing the WikiObserver™ maps it is easy to identify the category of interest.

Beginning in January 2012, users of WikiObserver™ can Show and Tell their way to winning a monthly $1,000 contest based upon the number of views generated by sharing a WikiObserver™ Report with their Twitter, Facebook, or email contacts.

Additionally, we will ask the winner who referred them to download and use WikiObserver™, and that person wins $100. So, the more videos a WikiObserver™ user produces and shares, and the more people they tell about WikiObserver™, the more chances they have to win!

Using Google Maps, WikiObserver™ streams your micro-videos (60 seconds or less) to WikiObserver™ for others to see what is going on at the moment with your life, as well as where it's happening. Whether the person is at work or on vacation, playing outdoors or attending a political rally, at a school function or even a favorite party location, WikiObserver™ not only has "An App for That," they have a branded category for that with some really cool Pin icons. (Civic minded users can even post a public utility problem they observe and then forward that to their city or county.)

In honor of their Christmas Holiday Launch, WikiObserver™ is putting up a $500 prize for the account holder who generates the most views of their Christmas: e.g., presents being opened, family meals being enjoyed, holiday spirit filled fun! The person that refers WikiObserver™ to that Winner will win $100.

The contest will end at Midnight on Dec 31st. Contestants must follow the regular contest rules as stipulated on the WikiObserver™ website and use the special Christmas Holiday Prize Category for submitting eligible reports to the contest.

Our Goal: One Million Christmas Reports mapped all over the world – join us!

For more information: Go to iTunes App and Android App Stores to download WikiObserver. Also visit us at and follow us at Media may call 631.482.7359