Headset Buddy Call Center Adapter Line Expanded for Training

December 21, 2011 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Headset Buddy Adapter Co. Releases Call Center Products - Headset Buddy Adapts RJ9's to mini Plugs

Austin, TX – December 20, 2011 – Webko Products, marketing and product design company, has developed additional models in the Headset Buddy™ line of adapters for call center applications, telephone, handheld and headset functionality. The new products provide support for a wide array of telephone training applications-ideal for call centers-and are targeted at both business and consumer phone systems.

Ideal for sales outfits and call centers, the Headset Training Buddy is available in three models: dual RJ-9 female inputs and single 2.5mm male connector, dual RJ-9 female inputs and single RJ-9 male connector, and dual Cisco compatible RJ-9 female inputs and single Cisco Rj-9 male connector.

All of the Headset Training Buddies have dual channel mute buttons and provide live, dynamic supervisor or training control over the active headset during calls. The Headset Training Buddy line is available for purchase on the http://www.theheadsetbuddy.com/ and priced at $24.99 each in single unit quantities. Dealer and reseller inquires are welcome and can be sent through the company's web site at http://www.theheadsetbuddy.com/dealer-inquiries/.
The PC Headset to Aastra/Avaya Phone Adapter - Dual 3.5mm inputs to RJ9/RJ10 (Model:
01-PC35-RJ9A) was designed for at call centers and home office personnel that have upgraded their telephone systems and need to use their existing headsets that require an RJ9 or RJ22 interface and need to use to a 3.5mm headset jack. Users can have the convenience and efficiency of using their favored PC headsets with their office phones. This headset adapter is compatible with a large number of phones from Aastra, Avaya, Nortel IP, Plantronics, and Mitel. Compatibility information is available on the firm's website on the product page at: http://www.theheadsetbuddy.com/pc-headset-to-phone-adapter-dual-3-5mm-to-rj9-rj10-not-rj11/

About Webko Product, LLC
Webko Products, an Austin, TX based product development and marketing company, designs and manufactures products for Business to Business and Consumer markets. The company's initial product lines include; the Headset Buddy™ line of adapter products for call center applications, telephone, handheld and headset interoperability and the Bottle Mate™ line of unique and functional bottle openers and novelty products.
Webko's current product portfolio encompasses more than 25 unique solutions which can be seen at: www.webkollc.com .

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