Best Grow Lights for 2012 – G8LED LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

January 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News has partnered with G8LED Lighting Company as its main LED manufacturer to serve its North American market. decided to carry G8LED lights because of their patent pending Optimal 8-Band wavelength ratio and their generous 3 year warranty. "There are many LED lights flooding the market, but we wanted to go with a quality brand with proven performance" says Ethan G of G8LED hydroponic led grow lights were tested and compared to other brands in the LED market. We found that G8LED's Optimal 8-Band wavelength ratio outperformed the competition and thus we entered into an partnership with G8LED.

G8LED has formulated their ratio to match the photosynthetic action radiation (PAR) used by plants for photosynthesis. The light spectrum is controlled in a constructive way such that the photosynthesis of plants can be optimized for their development. By providing a weighted average representation around 8 wavelengths of the light spectrum including infrared, G8LED has been able to make the most efficient grow light that gives plants exactly what they need for photosynthesis and cuts out the extra waste. These LED grow lights for indoor plants emit 90% less heat than HID systems and save customers 50-70% on electricity. The lights have built in fans and power supplies which eliminates the necessity for expensive ballasts and reduces the need to vent hot air in the grow room. Customers save big on their grow room capital and operational expenses. It's easy to see why upgrading a grow room with G8LED grow lights is a no brainer.

"LED lighting is the future of indoor hydroponics" says Ethan G. of "The technology has been utilized since the 1960's but recent advances in diode design allowed us to utilize this amazing technology for indoor growing." In his June 2011 meeting of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness in North Carolina, President Obama was quoted saying "LED lighting is going to make a huge difference, not just for businesses who use the technology, but also for a country that needs to figure out how do we operate in a more energy-efficient way". It is no wonder that NASA has been testing LED technology to grow food in space.

As with all new technologies, there is an initial resistance to change. is helping customers make the switch to LED grow lights for indoor plants by eliminating the risk. There is a generous 90-day money back guarantee. If for any reason a customer is not happy with their LED grow light, they can return it for a refund with no questions asked. Furthermore, put a stamp of approval on the quality of the lights from G8LED by securing a 3-year manufacturer warranty from G8LED which it extends on its entire line of LED grow lights.

We expect 2012 to be a great year for the LED Grow Lights LED grow light market. As more and more professional and hobbyist growers upgrade their grow rooms, the LED market will continue to grow. has carved its share of the market and will continue to work with growers and stores to increase its market share in the growing market for hydroponic LED grow lights. Customers can sign up for the newsletter at to get promotional deals and bulk discounts. For further information please contact