CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and Parker University Begin $30,000 Research Project on Scoliosis Exercise Treatment for Scoliosis

January 10, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dallas, TX - The CLEAR Scoliosis Institute and the research center at Parker University have begun collaboration on a $30,000 research project that will study the effects of Chiropractic care and scoliosis exercises on the condition. "Scoliosis affects the spines of many children, teenagers and adults. Scoliosis can impact the quality of life with limited activity, pain, or reduced respiratory function. This proposed clinical research is designed to scientifically document the changes that result from Chiropractic care of scoliosis."

Scoliosis occurs in approximately 4.5 percent of the general population. Scoliosis occurs when the spine of the back forms a C or an S shaped curve. The incidence is greater in females than males. Scoliosis patients have symptoms such back pain, hip pain, leg pain, and muscle spasms and in severe cases digestive symptoms, trouble breathing, and significant disability. About 80 percent of all scoliosis cases are idiopathic (unknown cause).

A few symptoms that could indicate a person might have scoliosis are

  • Uneven shoulders
  • If you wear a shirt or blouse with horizontal stripes and the stripes seem to be going diagonal (this effect caused by body distortion from a curved spine)
  • Rib cage sticks out on one side

  • Scoliosis is often first diagnosed during the teen years at a back to school physical or sports physical. For many years, scoliosis treatment consisted of watching and waiting, rigid back bracing for 23 hours a day for many years, or spinal surgery, depending on the degree of spinal curve. Recently, a new treatment for scoliosis, called CLEAR scoliosis treatment gave an alternative to scoliosis patients. CLEAR scoliosis treatment can begin at any stage or degree of spinal curve.

    CLEAR scoliosis treatment is a group of therapies that work together to straighten the curvature in the spine of a scoliosis patient. In most cases, insurance pays for the majority of treatment. The new treatment was developed by the CLEAR Institute, a non-profit group from Minnesota.

    The treatment consists of spinal weighting, vibrational traction, scoliosis traction table and chair, and home exercises. Care is initiated by taking x-rays to determine the severity of the scoliosis by measuring the spinal curves (Cobb angles). The treatment involves approximately 36 office visits over a 4 month period. Dr. Stitzel explains, "Our non-surgical scoliosis treatment program is based on a unique system of functional spine rehabilitation, which is based on restoring normal function. The protocol necessary to achieve function rehabilitation in a scoliotic spine is dubbed Mix, Fix, and Set. The mix is based on using biomechanical procedures to unlock the scoliosis from the maladapted tissue, the fix is repositioning/ remobilizing the spinal lever arms back to normal position, and the set is re-engaging the soft tissue to re-stabilize the spine in the newly corrected position. Each of the pieces of equipment plays a key role within that protocol."

    The Mix, Fix, Set therapy for scoliosis is an alternative to spinal surgeries and back braces. Dr. Brian Dovorany (a CLEAR Scoliosis Institute certified doctor) reports that although the scoliosis protocol is new, it has out performed spinal surgeries and back bracing in many cases. Almost any age can benefit from the new scoliosis treatment, however advanced spinal arthritis and disc degeneration might limit the effectiveness of the treatment. Results are impressive. "Improvements anywhere from 30 to 50 percent in the spinal curve of large scoliosis cases and complete resolution in many of the smaller, younger cases," said Dr. Dovorany.

    Dr Dovorany graduated cum-laude and received recognition for clinical excellence from Palmer College in 1997 and has practiced for over 11 years in Green Bay,WI. Dr Dovorany specializes in scoliosis care and currently holds a position on the board of advisors for CLEAR-Institute as chairman of the doctor education committee.

    The Posture and Spine Care Center strives to provide alternative, non-invasive treatment options for scoliosis patients who may feel they don't have any options other than bracing or surgery.

    Dr. Stitzel is one of the few Pennsylvania Doctors who offer this new scoliosis therapy and Dr. Stitzel has brought this new treatment to southeastern Pennsylvania. "A non-bracing, non-surgical approach to the treatment of scoliosis has been long overdue. I am proud to bring this new and innovative approach to all of the scoliosis patients in our area," comments Dr. Stitzel.

    Dr. Clayton Stitzel is a Lancaster County, Pennsylvania native who graduated from Manheim Central High School. He earned a bachelors degree from Penn State University in 1998 majoring in kinesiology (the advanced study of biomechanics). Dr. Stitzel is a 2002 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He is the co-developer of the scoliosis traction chair. Dr. Stitzel is one of eleven health care providers in the U.S. that have received advanced certification in the care of scoliosis patients by the CLEAR Institute- scoliosis intensive care certified Appointments for scoliosis consultations with him can be made by calling (717) 627-3009.

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