Top Website Highlights Two Very Popular Options in FOREX Trading

January 08, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Your Forex Directory, a popular Internet FOREX directory destination for those looking to scout out the latest information on FOREX trading platforms, today released information on its two most popular choices — AVAFX and eToro.

For those not familiar with it, FOREX is short for "Foreign Exchange" currency market trading, is a way of trading on foreign currencies of nations around the world. Considered to be a very technical form of trading, until recently many average people stayed away from it due to the high level of technical and investment knowledge required. The usual approach today is to rely on a specialist, called a FOREX broker, to execute trades on their behalf. These people have direct access (via their respective companies) to the investment systems to place the orders in real time.

In it's simplest form, a FOREX broker serves as an intermediary, or go-between, between investors who are looking to sell off their currency holdings, and those who are willing to buy it. The price at which a currency is bought will be different from the price at which it is bought — and this price differential (commonly called the "price spread") is where a FOREX broker will make their commission. Other FOREX brokers will charge a flat fee instead of a commission, for executing trades.

AVAFX and eToro are very popular FOREX trading "platforms". These trading platforms allow the individual investor to submit trading instructions to the FOREX broker online, in real-time. These platforms make it very easy to be a FOREX investor, as they can be accessed directly via any computer, in any location, at a date and time which is convenient. This is a critical factor, considering that currency trading occurs continuously all over the world.

The first popular choice in trading platforms is AVAFX. The Ava trader review, featured at the website, indicates that it has a lot of useful options. Traders have the opportunity of trading in a multitude of different world currencies — all the major currencies are represented here. For those wishing to trade directly in commodities, an investor has the choice of choosing to trade in platinum, silver, gold, and other precious metals. AVAFX is also favored by the small capital trader, as this platform allows you start submitting trades with very little cash (only $100.00 USD to start). An exciting option available to traders is the AVA debit card. With this card, traders can go to any ATM and do cash withdrawals of any portion of their cash balance immediately. There are some traders who are interested in trading in other types of commodities such as cotton, sugar, rice and other substances, and again AVAFX is flexible enough to give you that option. Topping it off, traders are not charged any commissions at all when using this platform to execute trades, and no extra fees are assessed for cash withdrawals or deposits. AVAFX also offers 24/7 online access and great support in case you need help.

Also popular with FOREX investors today, according to the site, is the eToro platform. Those starting out in FOREX trading can find it confusing and difficult to learn all the "ins and outs" of a platform. So that you do not have to risk your hard-earned money Etoro offers a free practice account. Like AVAFX, eToro allows you to place trade instructions at a zero-commission level. And the under-capitalized, smaller investor will surely appreciate that they can open an eToro trading account and get an automatic $1,000.00 USD cash bonus! This trading platform has become so popular because the interactive displays are very easy to interpret, and they also have an extensive online knowledge base that can be consulted for reference purposes. All the major trading currencies are represented here, as you would expect.