Could the Weight-Loss Industry be Keeping People Obese?

January 08, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
(Wixom, Michigan) — Is it possible that at the root of the obesity epidemic rampant today is the entire approach taken by the weight-loss industry? According to Rob Poulos, founder of the Fat Burning Furnace Website (famous for their 5 foods never to eat ) research, this is in fact what is happening.

"Most folks today are not aware that the weight-loss industry is helping to keep people obese," said Poulos. "Every January in the United States, for example, the TV is filled with all sorts of commercials touting the latest diet plan, gym memberships, special foods. It's all over the place — and it's really not working, if you keep tabs on the latest health statistics. We are in fact becoming less fit and healthy."

Pressed for details, Poulos explained that "These industries and businesses actually don't want you to move into fitness — they want you to stay unhealthy. That's because if you did find a solution that worked, that liberated you, you wouldn't need them anymore. That means no more money for them. People need to wake up and come to grips with the fact that buying into the hype will not solve their problems. You can come back again and again to get the latest diet pill, exercise gadget, fast weight loss bestselling book or miracle weight-loss formula, but you will not see lasting change."

Both Rob and his wife should know — for years and years they struggled with their weight, and went thru the gamut of promoted products and services. The literally tried them all, spending thousands of dollars on these products and methods. "In the end, we started to do our own research. We set aside all that other stuff and began our own investigation — our own personal journey began to find out what worked, and what didn't."

In the end, the Poulos's developed an approach that worked beautifully, and their Fat Burning Furnace website was born. "We have worked with many people over the years, and have found that our approach can be used by just about anyone. There is no complicated planning involved, no going to meetings, or spend outlandish amounts of money. But the other guys aren't telling you this stuff, precisely because it works," said Poulos.

Going after the big dogs has brought its share of difficulties. Recently, one of the largest internet ad networks has dropped his website from their network — and the Poulos's cannot even now get a clear answer as to why this happened. "I can't say for certain that there is a conspiracy here, but it sure does look suspicious to us. The big players in the diet-food and weight-loss industry have very, very deep pockets, and they have the resources to play hardball when they want to. There are billions of dollars at stake here, and they are very protective of their business interests."

According to Rob, though, the biggest loser — if they are forced to scale back their efforts — will be the average person that they are trying to reach. "Our approach is so simple and easy-to-implement. This is a very different message than what you get from the main players. They want to make you think losing weight and getting in shape is a complicated endeavor, that you 'need' their product, their plan, their supplement — but, really, ours is the message the general public needs to hear. I hope our small voice does not get drowned out by all the industry noise."