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January 09, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A novel, efficient and discreet way of selling homes and other real estate has just been introduced with the launch of new website (FlipCondos.ca) where buyers and sellers are matched automatically -24 hours a day. This new concept should revolutionize the process of matching buyers with the sellers and reduce the costs to both sellers and buyers. Membership to this new website is Fast and, Free, it does not require any contract and is without any obligation.

"Buying or selling real estate has always been one of the most expensive transactions for most of the consumers. Now it can also be one of the biggest opportunities to save real big money." In pursuit of this goal, a new website that automatically matches buyers and sellers of real estate has just been launched. The membership of the website is fast, free and without any contract or obligation.

Nawel K Seth, President and the Broker of Record of Trail Blazers Realty of Markham (GTA Toronto), Ontario, Canada and the person behind this novel way of selling commented "Besides the cost of real estate, the process of buying and selling is very expensive. How savings can be accomplished during this process, must be explored. Spending money does not need any brains, however, saving money does require intelligence and acumen. Technology is out there, and there is no reason that it should not be used to facilitate the sales and reduce the cost to the consumer" .

Buyers and Sellers Matched Automatically –Concept of the Future, Today
In the last few years there has been an explosive growth in condominium construction and sales.

Many investors have taken a cue from the demand and invested in the condominium market. Some of these owners and the investors would like to Buy-Sell-Flip Condo or Assign Condo Agreement of Purchase and Sale and those who missed the opportunity to buy in demand locations would avail this opportunity to purchase. Currently there is no effective venue available to Condo Owners and investors to Flip Condos or houses without openly revealing their identity. Realizing this, Nawel launched a new website www.FlipCondos.ca. According to Nawel, this site represents concept of the future -today. This new way of selling-bringing buyer and sellers together is quite different from the traditional way of selling. It automatically matches buyers and sellers 24 hours a day. The sellers or buyers are under no contract or obligation, the membership to the site is completely Free. Many sellers would sell for the right price but are reluctant to sign a contract or actively engage in the selling process.. This site should come as a relief to such sellers and to those who want to Flip condos before condominium registration as their anonymity is maintained. Whenever there is a perfect match, the sale can be accomplished within a few days without the buyer or the seller signing a long term contract or having a sign on the property or anyone knowing about the sale.

"The site has a huge database and is constantly growing. The functionally of the site fully supports and can be used by the buyers and the sellers of the freehold homes as well, don't let the domain name (FlipConods.ca) fool you" said Nawel K Seth

Buyers, Here is How You Can Save Money
While buying , usually, a mortgage has to be arranged. A careful review of the available options of the interest rates, the terms and the amortization of the mortgage is the first step. Since every person's financials are different; the right selection of the mortgage can save thousands of dollars to buyers and avoid unnecessary pains along the way. A buyer needs answers as to how slight changes in the interest rate, down payment or other factors will affect him financially. This analysis can be done, with a click of a mouse, in the privacy of the home by visiting (Mortgage-Payments.ca). Literally thousands of permutations and combination can be analyzed within minutes by Mortgage Calculator , to arrive at the most suitable mortgage that will not only be easy to carry but also save money in the process. Do not leave this important decision entirely to your bank manager or mortgage broker, do your home work before even you see them or apply for a mortgage. "A buyer can visit (MortgagebyChoice.com) and apply online for the mortgage, most of the time we can get the mortgage approved within 24 hours of the submission of the full paperwork. Currently this service is available to Canadians only and may be extended to buyers south of Canadian borders." said Nawel

The price that you pay for the house or the real estate you buy includes the fees paid to the real estate brokerage company. Real estate Brokers provide a very valuable service and deserve every penny they make. They untiringly spend weeks and sometime months for buyers and the sellers before a sale transaction takes place and then they have to wait till after closing to get paid. Fortunately, the internet has brought a revolution to the process of buying and selling; if Home Buyer is willing to participate in the process of searching for the right property and help the brokerage save time, the buyer can save thousands of dollars by getting cash back from the brokerage. The buyers can do their own search by visiting (realtor.ca) or (realtor.com) site and narrow down to the properties they like, they will have the satisfaction of actively participating in the process and may also get cash back from the real estate brokerage. But not all brokerages have such cash back packages in place to reward the buyers. The important point here is that you must select the salesperson/broker based upon his qualifications, training, experience and excellent customer references and not stay focused on getting cash back only. Cash back should simply be the added bonus for working with an experienced broker. "I have been offering this Cash Back reward to the buyer for years. The amount of cash back varies according to the time the buyer saves me and can be as high as 40% of the commission received. "said Nawel. He launched (CashBackRewards.com) few years back to popularize this concept among buyers. There is another site (OhBuyers.ca) which encompasses the same philosophy but is geared to the buyers who find the house while visiting an Open House . Though these Cash Back offers are for buyers in Ontario, there is no reason, buyers from other provinces or even outside the country cannot avail the services of Trail Blazers Realty provided the listing brokerage is willing to cooperate and see offers from other brokerages. "Negotiating a contract does not require face to face interaction, it requires business acumen, Knowledge, experience and expertise and we do offer all of these to the full satisfaction of the buyers. Please note that to be eligible you must not be under a Buyer's representation contract with any other brokerage as we will not interfere nor accept a client who is working with another brokerage". Said Nawel K Seth.

Sellers, Here is How You Can Save Money
There are cash savings for home sellers, sellers of other real estate and businesses also. While most the industry participants still insist on charging commission of 5-7% of the sale price and even higher for selling land and business, Nawel introduced a Flat Fee MLS back in 1979 that can reduce the selling costs very substantially. There are other MLS packages such as "Pay per showings" MLS, most suitable for the Sellers of Sellers of Million Dollar Homes and Estates . We also offer "A La Carte" –unbundled MLS services to the public through our website (FlatFeeCanada.com). Said Nawel Seth. Consumers can buy only the services they need and save even more money. Nawel K Seth said that those sellers who have the patience and the time to devote but do need someone to advise them during the sale process, can hire his services as a "Consultant / Retainer" for marketing, financial and negotiating advice. This should be of most interest to those who want to conduct a Private Sale but are not expert in the sale process.

About Nawel K Seth & Trail Blazers Realty

Nawel K Seth is a successful entrepreneur, business consultant, and have been in the Real estate Brokerage and financing industry for over 40 years. He holds multiple Post graduate degrees from reputed University of Toronto and can be reached through any of his websites.

Trail Blazers Realty, with offices in Markham, GTA Toronto, Ontario, is the developer of the websites stated here above with focus on saving consumer money without compromising the results.

Flat Fee MLS, A La Carte MLS services, Pay Per Showing and other customized MLS packages offer home sellers an alternative to high priced commission/ fees typical in a real estate transaction. The innovative technology allows home sellers to list their products with this service and receive the same exposure through the Toronto MLS real estate listing service. An additional advantage to the seller is the ability to sell the home privately, outside normal broker channels while receiving the exposure through MLS and the broker network.

The Client Cash Rewards allows the home buyers to participate in the buying process and reduce the net cost of home buying by getting cash back at the end of the purchase. The Flipcondos.ca is a site, first of its kind on the web. It allows sellers and those who have entered into an agreement of Purchase and Sale with the builders to flip and sell properties. The registration to the site is absolutely Free and without any contact or obligation. It is also a great site for buyers who want to buy a specific property but want to explore the sellers beyond regular MLS. All models use the innovative technology to further buyers' and sellers' interests and save a lot of money in the process.

Contact information for Nawel K Seth, M.A.Sc; MBA; MVA and Trail Blazers Realty:
Tel: 905-660-7999 / Toll free: 1-866-890-1999.
Email: info@FlatFeeCanada.com or info@ClientCashRewardds.com