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January 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Chicago, IL—January 11, 2012-The Argyle Executive Forum, one of the nation's most prestigious membership-based research and leadership forums, published today an interview featuring Dave Husain, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Leapfrog Online, one of the largest digital marketing companies in the country. The interview appears in the Argyle Journal.

In his published conversation with Argyle Executive Forum's CEO Jason Redlus, Husain traces the company's roots and success to two key insights: an early recognition of the Internet's potential as a focused direct marketing channel, and an accountable business model in which Leapfrog Online assumed responsibility and the economic risk associated with testing the new marketing channel. "From our start in 1995," Husain explains, "we offered to figure it out for [our clients]. Our compensation was on the basis of actual sales produced through our work. Our methodology and approach worked and proved to be a large source of customers for our brands. It paved the way for continued growth, innovation, and partnership through to today."

Husain also offers insight into the growing role of digital as a true sales engine for today's revenue-focused CMOs. "Knowing what's working and what's not across the entire consumer purchase experience is what's differentiating top performing brands today. Because responses are received within seconds, we can change and redirect course immediately to capture digital market share," stated Husain. "As CMOs expand their accountability for revenue generation from digital spend, the data precision and capacity to link it directly to ROI becomes an increasingly powerful tool in their arsenal."

Still, even as companies continue making digital marketing a high priority, Husain recognizes that a fully normalized digital direct marketing approach may be five or ten years away. "Our clients want a partner that can stay ahead of the rapidly changing market to identify and apply the trends and insights that drive results. This is, at its core, what Leapfrog Online is all about."

The article can be viewed here.

About Leapfrog Online
Leapfrog Online is one of the largest digital marketing companies in the United States. Founded in 1995 and based in Chicago, Leapfrog helps Fortune 500 brands uncover new customers and revenue via multi-channel marketing programs. By applying deep domain knowledge and expertise, Leapfrog Online builds targeted industry solutions and proven results that build digital market share for its Clients. For more information about Leapfrog Online's solutions or our work with leading brands in the financial services, telecommunications, automotive, home services and education industries, visit www.leapfrogonline.com.

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Argyle Executive Forum is a membership-based professional services firm. The organization convenes business leaders from highly targeted business-to-business communities for strategic collaboration and business development. Since 2004, Argyle has advanced the exchange of new ideas and timely perspectives among senior operating leaders, board members, investment managers and policy makers. Over 40,000 executives participate in Argyle Executive Forum communities.