Intermediate Bulk Containers Help Bring Business Home

January 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
MILLSTONE TWP., NJ Intermediate bulk containers are finding a use in a different venue, thanks to the tanks' cost effectiveness and ease of use.

"We have a customer who's started using IBCs to bring unfinished product from Mexico back to the U.S. for final processing," said Tom Wilkins, president of New Jersey-based Metano IBC Services Inc.

The customer formerly manufactured the complete product in Mexico but, through various policy changes and increased efficiencies, has been able to return the final processing tasks back to its domestic facilities.

While not responsible for the bulk of the efficiencies, the use of intermediate bulk containers to transport and store liquids can play a key role in reducing any business's costs, Wilkins said.

"The fact that one 350-gallon IBC equals the capacity of more than six drums automatically provides an advantage, since manufacturers need to rent fewer intermediate bulk containers to move the same volume of product," he said.

Other cost efficiencies of renting IBCs include:

  • No need for drum disposal
  • Less wasteful product residue inside containers
  • Limitless service life with minimal maintenance
  • Conservation of capital
  • Preservation of credit line
  • Greater budget flexibility

  • As other companies look for smart ways to cut their costs, Wilkins expects demand for intermediate bulk containers to increase.

    "IBCs can make a material difference in a company's bottom line, whether it's transporting liquids across state borders or international borders," he said.

    Metano is a leading provider of intermediate bulk containers and IBC parts and services. Visit the company's website at for more details.