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January 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
"It is interesting to see that 49% of the many thousand overnight stays we have
reviewed happen on hotels with more than three stars. This shows that we Danes want
only the best for ourselves when we travel. But this doesn't necessarily mean that we
pay a lot for hotels. Danes are price-conscious, and what we see is that Danes have
gotten better at locating good hotels at good prices", says David Bækholm, spokesperson
for Expedia.dk.

And in fact, there are many ways to get great deals on four or five star hotels.

"When booking plane tickets and hotel or a rental as a package deal it is possible to save
a lot of money, and then it suddenly becomes affordable to splurge on a more luxurious
hotel. For travellers booking a weekend trip, it's always a good idea to look into hotels
in the business districts where prices are often lower during weekends because the
business travellers stay home. And when visiting a city it's often possible to find a five-
star hotel for the price of a three-star hotel, simply by staying away from the city's most
central accommodations", explains David Bækholm.

At Expedia.dk savings run up to 40% if a trip is booked as a package solution. As the
world's largest online travel agency, Expedia makes these savings possible by securing
great deals with more than 110.000 hotels – from Bed & Breakfast to five-star luxury
hotels – and with over 450 airlines worldwide.

For more information and to contact David Bækholm:
Expedia (http://www.expedia.dk), Danish Press Office
Frej Elbæk or Morten Lintrup, tel: +45 33 13 05 25


Expedia has comprised an overview of Danish overnight stays booked abroad during the
past six months.

49% stayed at hotels with more than three stars
33% stayed at a four-star hotel
32% stayed at a three-star hotel
15% stayed at a hotel with two or fewer stars

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