ZillyDilly Launches The First iPad Browser Created by a Leading Child Psychiatrist

January 12, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
MyDigitalFamily, Ltd. announced today the release of the world's first iPad browser created by a leading child psychiatrist.

The ZillyDilly™ iPad browser for children is based on parenting guidance by the distinguished American child and adolescent psychiatrist Eitan Schwarz, MD ("Dr. S®"), ZillyDilly reinvents the internet for parents and children alike.

Dr. S notes, "We designed ZillyDilly to teach children good media consumption habits. Good habits, formed early with the support of caring parents and professionals, can last a lifetime. ZillyDilly provides an opportunity for conversation between children and caretakers about making good media consumption choices."

ZillyDilly Features:

  • Supports up to 5 children active user accounts and media plans.
  • Media plans identify and balance websites by Dr. S' five Growth Opportunities: Family Relationships, Socialization, Values Education, Educational Enrichment, and Entertainment.
  • Media plans can be customized by age group (2-4 years old, 5-7, 8-11, 12-16, 17+).
  • ZillyDilly discourages Internet overconsumption by teaching moderation and limiting time sitting indoors.
  • ZillyDilly blocks external web links such as advertisements.
  • ZillyDilly helps protect children's attention span.
  • ZillyDilly helps introduce preschoolers to the Internet.
  • Parents manage their children's internet use from the ZillyDilly iPad browser or from any desktop browser or iPad.
  • Parents master account includes tips and notes for better parenting in a digital world from Dr. S.
  • Parents can control amount of time children spend online and shut down access when needed.
  • Parents can track which websites their children visit and for how long.
  • Parents can expand privileges for older children to encourage online independence.
  • Parents can reward responsible behavior by increasing allowed time online.
  • Parents can search for bilingual sites, sites with parent/teacher guides, or for particular interests.

  • The ZillyDilly iPad browser for children is available now in the Apple iTunes App Store™ at an introductory purchase price of $0.99.

    For more information, visit www.zillydilly.com.

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