Music earplugs are proving to be a popular choice with DJs

January 17, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
It has been suggested by All Ear Plugs, an online earplug retailer that DJs are becoming increasingly fond of musician earplugs and the benefits that they provide.

It is known that a nightclub with a live band playing can reach up to 110 decibels, which can be extremely damaging to hearing. Claire Brown, E-Commerce Manager at All Ear Plugs has said that it's important not only for DJs and bar staff to wear hearing protectors, but attendees as well. "The nightclub scene is extremely popular and is often a very noisy environment. The noise of music and the equipment used can alone create a 110 decibel sound and with the added noise of multiple loud conversations, sound levels can skyrocket. This is why we at All Ear Plugs believe everyone who walks into a nightclub should be aware of the damage they could be causing to their hearing and to bring earplugs with them."

Musician earplugs have seen a boost in sales as DJs have benefited from multiple sets of special music attenuation filters, as featured in Alpine's MusicSafe earplugs. DJs can also enjoy hearing the full dynamic range of music at a lower and safer volume, while avoiding the muffling effect that can be experienced with traditional foam earplugs. ACS ER20 Generic Fit earplugs are fitted with a flanged rubber tip that creates an isolating seal in the ear canal, which controls what sounds can be heard and what noises are blocked.

Party goers and nightclub attendees have also benefitted from the use of ear plugs with many blocking harmful noises with the help of Mack's Ultra Safe Sound. The beauty of these earplugs is that they do not restrict the wearer to circumstances where the earplugs can be used. Ultra Safe Sound earplugs are ideal for concerts, sleeping, motorsports, shooting and much more.
All Ear Plugs suggest that people should carry a pair of earplugs with them at all times, especially if they know they'll be attending a noisy event.

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