Sober College: Where Addiction Means Opportunity

January 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Sober College, young adult drug rehab, is proud to announce that three of our alumni have been officially accepted into Woodbury University. Since Sober College was founded it has been a place where struggling young adults can get help for their addictions and learn the tools they need to succeed in all areas of their lives. Through our partnership with Woodbury University, Sober College has become the preferred option for those young adults who need help with their drug and alcohol addiction but who are unwilling or unable to put their education on hold.

"When in addiction, many young adults lose sight of their goals. Here at Sober College, we reignite their passion for life and learning."

-Corrine Barner, Academic Director
at Sober College

Founder, Robert Pfeifer stated, "At Sober College, our mission is to provide young adults with the opportunity, and the tools they need to pursue a path to success; and along with sobriety, education is a key component in that." The Academic Department and the entire Sober College Community could not be happier to share in the growth and progress of these students.

In light of their admissions to Woodbury University, Logan M. and Jake W. shared how Sober College and recovery has helped them pursue their educational goals. Jake explains, "Getting in to Woodbury meant the start of my future. It was a major achievement and a great setup for when I leave (Sober College)."

Jake was awarded an academic scholarship to Woodbury University for his achievements in the Woodbury courses he took on-site Sober College as a client. When I asked him how it felt to be accepted, he laughed and stated, "I was excited. Getting an academic scholarship shows how much I have grown since coming to Sober College. Having my academic coach push me, really helped me get that scholarship. Corrine (Barner, Academic Director at Sober College) set everything up for me, and all I had to do was apply. My academic coach kept me on track with due dates and filling out the application. They helped with everything right down to picking out my classes."

Logan was accepted to The School of Graphic Design at Woodbury University. He took Woodbury classes at Sober College before he graduated from the program in mid-2010. As an alumnus Logan has played a critical role in Sober College's Marketing Department demonstrating his natural talent and ability in the field of graphic design. Since he began taking classes on Woodbury's campus, Logan has continued to work part-time at Sober College where he is putting his natural ability and developing skill to use. "Getting into Woodbury meant a lot to me, it showed the progress I have made towards become a productive member of society," explains Logan.

Academic and vocational opportunities are just one piece of the puzzle that makes up the program at Sober College. Our Program, based on Five Core Competencies was designed not only to teach struggling young adults the tools they need to get into college, but also to teach them the tools they need to be successful in life. Students learn how to live independently, to achieve long term sobriety, and to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Jake said, "Sober College taught me how to manage my time, and, life skills like how to do laundry, homework, and dishes. Also emotionally they helped me grow and be aware of my own feelings and my anxiety. They taught me how to go out and have fun. A huge part of Sober College was making me do things I hadn't done before and find what I'm interested in."

At Sober College, we understand the anxiety around being sober in a college environment. That's why we give our students an opportunity to ease back into the college experience. I asked Jake how he felt about maintaining sobriety while going to Woodbury. "I think college has a lot of drinkers," he said. "The good thing about Sober College is they get you involved in the recovery community. So now when I'm at college and I get triggered, I have people to call. I also love how intimate the Sober College community is. I know after I leave I will always have a place to come back to for love and support."

Logan agrees, "Sober College along with Alcoholics Anonymous has taught me how to cope with reality, and the reality is that I'm going to be uncomfortable sometimes because I'm human, but I don't have to get loaded over it anymore."

It was in 2011 that we finalized the curriculum for the fifth Woodbury course being taught on-site at Sober College. These five courses constitute the Certificate of Completion in General Studies awarded by the Sober College/Woodbury University partnership. Last year, our students started to reap the benefits of merit scholarships and guaranteed admissions into Woodbury University upon completion of this program. These courses afford our students the ability to earn 15 transferable college credits from a WASC accredited institution and enhance their understanding of addiction and themselves. Stepping into 2012 Sober College celebrates the success of these three alumni and looks forward to the many more to come.