Web Directory Breaks into Top 500,000 Alexa Global Traffic Rank of Websites

January 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
January 25, 2012 - On Sunday, January 23, 2012, Directory-web.net, a United States based Web Directory surged into the top 500,000 of Alexa's Global Traffic Rank of Websites, ranking 495,215, with an impressive one-month traffic rank of 333,777 as of Tuesday, January 24, 2012.

Directory-web.net launched in 2006, and was modestly developed as a web directory. In 2010, the url changed ownership, and that's when the game changed. The web directory was completely renovated. 100s of hours were spent revamping the site, adding quality websites and articles. Gradually, the site improved in traffic and rankings. According to Alexa.com, during the last three months, visitors have been averaging approximately 76 seconds and 2.6 page views each visit to the site.

Most surprisingly, Alexa.com revealed an astounding three month "bounce rate" of 28.4%, meaning that 71.6% of the site visitors viewed multiple pages while visiting the site. Directory-web.net attributes this to the tremendous efforts expended in redevelopment, as well as the top caliber of websites and articles submitted for consideration of site inclusion. Directory-web.net emphasizes creating fresh and useful content for its visitors, as well as providing a platform for other websites to promote their content.

Directory-web.net has extended these same high standards to three additional web directories.

Add Url touts an Alexa Global Traffic Rank of 653,602, in a little more than six months after launch.

Add A Url focuses on the mobile-device users of the world, in an easy to use format for site visitors, as well as for those submitting websites for review. Alexa noted an impressive "bounce rate" of only 15%.

Submit Url launched in 2012, and offers a standard web format as well as a mobile-device format, which directs visitors to the appropriate web directory version.

Each of the web directories offer featured and standard website submissions. Because of high standards, not all websites or articles are accepted.