Internet Security 2012 Runs Rogue Antispyware Scam with Fake Reports and Scare Tactics

January 27, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Expert security researchers have recently uncovered the program called Internet Security 2012 and deemed it as a useless tool for the purposes of detecting and removing malware from a PC.

One of the many security research sites on the Internet,, has released a new removal report outlining the many aspects of how Internet Security 2012 utilizes techniques to scam computer users out of their money. Moreover, the removal report provides PC users dealing with the issues of Internet Security 2012 resources to help remove Internet Security 2012.

Due to the fact that Internet Security 2012 cannot be easily removed like other legitimate software, the use of a malware removal tool may be necessary to successfully uninstall Internet Security 2012. Other rogue anti-spyware programs similar to Internet Security 2012, such as System Check, Win 7 Security 2012, Vista Security 2012 and Internet Security 2011, have also proven to be difficult to remove.

Cybercriminals have a habit of developing and marketing programs like Internet Security 2012 for the main purpose of granting themselves an easy pay day. This task usually involves the rogue anti-spyware program, such as Internet Security 2012, to mimic the look and feel of a legitimate PC security application. In the case of Internet Security 2012, it takes things step further by rendering false pop-up warning messages that appear to be a scare tactic where it warns uses of detected malware on their PC. System scans are also conducted by Internet Security 2012 returning results populated with all types of unjustified malware threats. These tactics alone are enough to convince light-hearted PC users that they need to take action to remove the threats.

In a light-hearted PC user's effort to remove the so-called 'threats' detected by Internet Security 2012, they may click on the 'Remove All' button in hopes that the Internet Security 2012 program would kindly remove the detected threats. Doing so will alert the user to purchase the Internet Security 2012 application and then redirect them to a purchase site. From the purchase site, computer users are able to enter credit card information but little do they know that by purchasing Internet Security 2012 it will not render the program useful for removing malware.

At the pinnacle of Internet Security 2012's scam, it will charge a victim's credit card for upwards of $59.95 or more. When it is all said and done, the Internet Security 2012 program will not have changed and still is unable to remove the so-called detected malware threats.

A video titled "Learn How to Detect and Remove Internet Security 2012" has been published as a courtesy of on YouTube. Viewing the video will give computer users a better visual representation of how Internet Security 2012 infects a PC and how easy it can be to remove.

The newly released Internet Security 2012 removal report on is one gateway to alleviating the suffering experienced by Internet Security 2012 and its annoying scam. The removal report includes the necessary resources to successfully remove Internet Security 2012.