Uhuru Delivers the Uhuru PaaS as a Micro-Cloud

January 27, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
With the Uhuru Micro-Cloud, developers can easily setup a complete Platform as a Service (PaaS) on their own local developer workstation to test the nuts and bolts of the multi-platform Uhuru PaaS services.

The Uhuru Micro-Cloud, which can be run locally on a developer's workstation, is the same PaaS which developers and IT administrators can then use in deploying applications on private and public clouds.

Redmond, WA, January 30th, 2011 Uhuru Software, Inc., a software start-up that helps developers using Microsoft Windows technologies take advantage of Cloud Computing, today delivered the Uhuru PaaS Micro-Cloud. The Uhuru Micro-Cloud marks the first time .NET software developers can install a pre-configured local Platform as a Service (PaaS), designed to make the deployment of Microsoft .NET applications to the cloud as easy as clicking a button.

The Uhuru PaaS Micro-Cloud, as well as all the of Uhuru's software, can be downloaded here:

"It is thrilling to see Cloud Foundry broaden its appeal to an even wider group of developers with the Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry," said James Watters, group manager for the Cloud Foundry ecosystem at VMware, Inc. "Uhuru is helping .NET developers deploy standard .NET applications to Cloud Foundry without having to modify or port their applications in order to run in the cloud."

The Uhuru PaaS Micro-Cloud consists of 2 virtual machine images which can be easily run on a single machine with almost no additional configuration or setup. Developers can begin deploying their applications on the Uhuru Micro-Cloud within minutes of downloading it.

The Uhuru Micro-Cloud uses the beta version of Uhuru's .NET Service for VMware Inc.'s Cloud Foundry. The Uhuru .NET Extensions to Cloud Foundry are the industry's first native Windows extensions to the popular Cloud Foundry platform, allowing .NET developers and Windows IT managers to deploy and scale .NET applications with Cloud Foundry using the Windows tools they're used to.

Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry makes it possible for developers of Windows .NET applications to take advantage of the management and deployment simplicity offered through Cloud Foundry. Without Uhuru's .NET extensions, Cloud Foundry only supports development environments such as Spring for Java and Ruby on Rails. By taking advantage of Uhuru .NET Services for Cloud Foundry, Windows .NET developers can focus on building great applications rather than worry about how to deploy their software on specific cloud services, or how to scale their applications to handle large work-loads.

Uhuru's Micro-Cloud uses an enhanced version of Cloud Foundry to provide a comprehensive cross-platform PaaS, making it possible to deploy and manage applications on a wide variety of language platforms including .NET, Ruby, and Java.

"Developers want to focus on building great software without getting mired in the issues of complex deployments," said Michael Surkan, Director of Product Marketing of Uhuru. "By using the Uhuru Micro-Cloud software engineers can not only have more fun but ensure their applications are cloud ready, using the language of their choice, right from the start."

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  • About Uhuru Software, Inc.
    Uhuru Software, Inc. is a Redmond-based software start-up founded by former Microsoft executives and engineers. Uhuru provides comprehensive integrated application development platforms, management tools, and services to enable rapid development and deployment of solutions in private or public clouds by enterprises and service providers. Uhuru is dedicated to bringing the best of Windows and Open Source development together.

    Uhuru was founded by Jawad Khaki and Jawaid Ekram. Jawad Khaki is a former Microsoft Corporate Vice President at Microsoft and a 20 year veteran of the company. Jawad led engineers and business leaders to deliver networking, communication and device technologies for Microsoft® Windows client and server operating system platforms. Trained and educated as a computer engineer in London, Jawad started his career in 1979 as a hardware design engineer developing hardware and firmware for UK based GEC Computers Ltd. and then in 1985 as a UNIX development consultant for AT&T Bell Laboratories. With roots in software development and long experience leading development teams on UNIX and Windows, Mr. Khaki understands the challenges that .NET developers face.

    Jawaid Ekram is a cloud computing industry veteran with more than 25 years of experience in engineering and in the operations of large scale systems. He is a former General Manager at Microsoft where he was responsible for Global Foundations Services (Data Center) and Live Meeting Services (SaaS). Before Microsoft, Jawaid was CIO/VP Services of Placeware, where he transitioned the product from software to SaaS. Prior to that, he served as Senior Vice President of Visa International for five years. Mr. Ekram brings his knowledge of and passion for improving IT Management to Uhuru's executive team.