Internet Security Guard Uses Scareware-Type Tactics to Trap PC Users into Buying a Rogue Antispyware

January 28, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Internet has become the ultimate battlefield for battalions of hacker groups around the world. One particular type of cybercriminal that has arisen to the forefront of the battlefield is the one who creates and markets rogue anti-spyware applications such Internet Security Guard.

Internet Security Guard is not much of a different species from previously discovered rogue anti-spyware programs. These programs, named Internet Security Suite, Home Security Solutions and others, are known to be clones of Internet Security Guard. In knowing this information, the researchers at have outlined in a newly released Internet Security Guard removal report the close associations of such applications.

Within's Internet Security Guard removal report, many aspects and specific characteristics of Internet Security Guard are outlined. Some of these common characteristics find their way onto PCs with Internet Security Guard installed on them. They range from bogus alert pop-up messages to system scans appearing on what looks to be a malware scan interface on the Internet Security Guard program. Each of these features is ultimately meant to be used as a scare tactic. In the end, the creators of Internet Security Guard want computer users to feel that they need to purchase Internet Security Guard to remove the so-called detected malware threats. Also, Internet Security Guard is among a group of rogue security programs that have the same look and feel; for example, System Check, Smart Protection 2012, Security Shield, Win 7 Security 2012, Vista Security 2012, just to name a few.

In knowing that Internet Security Guard is not going to fight the battle for any PC user who fears their system being plagued with malware, you would want to remove Internet Security Guard. Unfortunately, removing Internet Security Guard is not an easy feat especially if the computer user lacks the technical skills and proficiency to perform such a task. Basically, the task of removing Internet Security Guard is not clear-cut if performed manually. Many computer users, as explained in the Internet Security Guard removal report, will want to utilize an automatic detection and removal solution.

Luckily,'s Internet Security Guard removal report provides computer users, advanced and novice, with removal information. These resources will assist virtually any computer user with the successful removal procedure to clear Internet Security Guard off of their system. Moreover, the Internet Security Guard removal report gives computer users insight on how to avoid future infection from the malicious Internet Security Guard program.

Any computer user looking to safely detect and remove malware from their PC should not look to Internet Security Guard. Because Internet Security Guard has been deemed to be a bogus security program by several trusted online security sources and it serves no purpose on the battlefield against malware. Internet Security Guard might as well be a severely injured troop in the middle of wide-open battlefield at the line of infantry troops. Internet Security Guard will fail you so it is no reason to waste your money on such a flawed application created by cybercriminals.

For computer users plagued with Internet Security Guard, the most recent Internet Security Guard removal report updates are available at: