Attention Divorced Women: "Make This Valentine's Day The Most SELFISH Ever," Says Leading Women's Life-After-Divorce Expert

February 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Valentine's Day is a happy, love-filled day for many women, but for millions of divorced women, Valentine's Day can be filled with sadness, loneliness and even guilt. But it doesn't have to be that way, says Christia Sale, the Women's Life-After-Divorce expert.

Sale, the author of the self-help book for divorced women, "The Most SELFISH Woman In America" says that "Divorce can be the best thing that ever happened to you — if you use it to get SELFISH and never look back! This is your second chance. Don't waste it!"

According to Sale, most women stay in an ugly marriage for too long, and they spend their days constantly taking care of everyone else at the expense of their own health and happiness.

And that's why Valentine's Day — whether it is the first Valentines Day after divorce, or the 10th — should be a day of self-celebration, rather than a day of sadness. Says Sale, "It's a day to celebrate the person you should love the most: You!"

Sale's book teaches that it is okay — in fact, it's required — that you finally begin to take care of yourself and find your passion and power.

And so, on Valentine's Day, Sale is offering a free Tele-seminar for Divorced Women to teach them how to do Valentine's Day right. During the event, which takes place at 12 Noon CST, Sale is going to offer her "7 Steps For The Most SELFISH Valentines Day Ever."

And each of these tips will help women cope with divorce in a way that they have never imagined before.

Says Sale, "You are the Leading Lady in your own Life! You still have that vixen smoldering inside you, waiting to be unleashed again. And we'll let her loose starting this Valentine's Day."

Rumor has it that the 7 Valentine's Day Tips involve friends, a bonfire, and a donkey. When asked to comment about the rumor, Sale only replied, "I'm not telling! I don't want to spoil the surprise. You'll have to show up to the Valentines Day Teleseminar to find out for yourself."

The telephone seminar is free, but women do need to register on Sale's website at if they want to attend. There's a limit of only 400 people on the call nationwide, so women are encouraged to register early if they want to attend.

Sale has received reports that some women are even making an event out of the phone call and inviting their lady friends — both married and divorced — to listen to the call on speakerphone.

Says "The Most SELFISH Woman In America," this call is going to be empowering for ALL women whether they are in relationships or not. They are going to learn is how to celebrate who they are, and how to make that celebration better with every passing day."

Christia Sale is a noted author, speaker, online radio personality and nationally known women's life-after-divorce expert. Her book, "The Most SELFISH Woman In America" is available at and Fans can also order a personalized autographed copy from

MEDIA can contact Ms. Sale to find out the truth behind "the bonfire and the donkey" through her website at or through her special Media phone line at 1-512-522-SELF (1-512-522-7353).