Internet Security Has Proven to Be a Typical Rogue Antispyware Application

February 04, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Computer security researchers have analyzed the Internet Security program uncovering many surprising aspects of it. One particular aspect of Internet Security is rather intriguing and its main menu interface. Internet Security was designed to look similar to legitimate security programs. Even the colors used on Internet Security are those used by many Windows security programs and Windows security interfaces.

Internet Security was designed with the intention to win-over a PC user's trust. Once the trust is gained, Internet Security will then offer itself for a price above $59 promising to rid a system of detected malware. The unfortunate part about Internet Security is that it is unable to fulfill the promise of removing malware from any PC. In other words, Internet Security is a cliché rogue antispyware program that is basically worthless when it comes to providing any type of security functions on a PC. You may also discover through the new removal report that Internet Security is a clone of previous rogue anti-spyware programs such as Internet Security 2011 and Internet Security 2012.

Outlined in the new Internet Security removal report is the fact that Internet Security will render fake pop-up alerts and system scans. Usually the system scan results displayed by Internet Security are filled with all types of malware, even malware that can be legitimately contracted over the Internet. The fact remains, Internet Security's scan is bogus and all of the results are fabricated.

Internet Security is undoubtedly a scam-laden application. The researchers at have worked overtime in providing a solution to safely detect and remove Internet Security from a PC. These resources, along with other helpful information about Internet Security, are made available on the newly released Internet Security removal report.

A new video titled "How Internet Security Infects A Computer" has also been made available for computer users. This video was made for those who may seek a visual representation of how Internet Security causes issues and how easily it can be removed with the correct resources.

The complete Internet Security removal report may be accessed over the Internet at: