Haypi Dragon = 'Angry Birds' + 'Worms'

February 08, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Since its release, Haypi Dragon has received a great population and adored by numerous players. This new game features PVP, physics-based firing, exploration and lots of replay value with a variety of levels, tasks, ranks, achievements, magic, and syntheses waiting for you on this breathtaking journey.

In Haypi Dragon, you are the chosen of Haypi Town. You'll start your journey to defeat ancient beasts. The journey is fraught with difficulties and danger. On your way, you need to capture, tame and train your dragons which will follow you and assist you with their distinctive prowess. Your dragons are able to control rock or fire, capable of twining or freezing your enemies.

During the adventurous journey, a mysterious treasure map has been newly added. Please note from now on the first player among all the servers who collects all the missing pieces and complete the treasure map will be rewarded with 1000USD and the first player of every single server will be rewarded with 100USD.

With its excellent interactivity, simulated physical design and fabulous graphics, this update has been well received:
"I have played every game created by the haypi franchise and I must say once again they have outdone themselves. With a user friendly interface reminiscent of haypi kingdom, you can have fun for hours!"
"Definitely worth a download. A great spin on the angry birds theme, as long as they keep adding content I'll keep playing! For some reason I can't resist trying to get three stars on all the levels"
"Warning this is one of the most addicting games you will ever play, make sure you can set aside 15 hours a day to play cause you will not want to put it down!!!"

Contact: dragonsupport@haypi.com
Haypi Inc.
Free to download at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/haypi-dragon/id483082304?mt=8