'Suing the Devil' is one of the most illegally-downloaded movies ever

February 08, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles 2.8.2012 The movie, 'Suing the Devil', has many in the media and Hollywood talking. The film is one of the most illegally-downloaded independent films in history. In two days in December, the film was illegally-downloaded over 100,000 times in 50 pirated sites according to the LA Times.

The film first gained national exposure when it was listed as Wired Magazine's 'Top Summer Movies That Will Rock Your World'.

"The illegal downloading is actually a tremendous compliment," writer-director Tim Chey says. "It shows there is enormous interest in the film."

Star Malcolm McDowell joked, "I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Yes, it's an honor, but we want them to pay for the privilege of watching it."

The film also made the news when an illegal downloading site campaigned 400 illegal downloaders to give the movie a '1' on IMDB thus bringing the score from '7' to a '4' in a 'mob attack' on December 28.

"That hurt," says Chey. "None of those 400 people understand what it means to make a worthwhile film. They just bashed it because our producer asked them to take the film off their site."

In April, Warner Bros will take 'Suing the Devil' out on Video-on-Demand into 100 million homes.

Experts still say most Americans still want to watch a movie in theaters or DVD and TV. "Illegal downloaders are these geeks and nerds who think it's cool to rip something off," says one media expert who consults at Universal. "But no one wants to download a movie file that may contain a virus and then watch a fuzzy version of the movie."

Suing the Devil, the highly-acclaimed film opened in select theaters nationwide on August 26, 2011. It had the second highest-grossing average of any independent film in the nation on opening weekend in August.

Suing the Devil stars Malcolm McDowell, Rebecca St. James, Corbin Bernsen, Shannen Fields ('Facing the Giants'), Tom Sizemore, Ros Gentle, and Bart Bronson.

In the film, Luke O'Brien, a washed-up janitor turned night law student, decides to sue Satan (Malcolm McDowell) for $8 trillion dollars. On the last day before Luke files a default judgment, Satan appears to defend himself. On Satan's legal team are 10 of the country's best trial lawyers. The entire world watches Legal TV to see who will win the Trial of the Century.

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