Security Shield Shares Similar Traits with Other Popular Rogue AntiSpyware Apps

February 10, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Security Shield is said to be part of a scam that attempts to rope computer users into believing that they will need to purchase a copy of Security Shield in order to remove detected malware threats. The Security Shield application itself does not outwardly look the part of a scam. Instead, Security Shield has a nice blue-colored interface that closely mimics the look of well-known legitimate security programs for the PC. In actuality, Security Shield is designed this way on purpose to further confuse and mislead computer users.

Security Shield is one of several different variations of fake security programs. There have been a vast number of other preceding rogue antispyware programs which all have similar characteristics. These characteristics are commonly shared among the hackers who created and market fake security programs such as Security Shield. In some cases, Security Shield is spread utilizing Trojan horses or through malicious websites. Installation sometimes even takes place without any clear indication to the computer user.

A newly updated removal report from outlines several aspects of Security Shield including its failed ability to detect or remove malware from a PC. In knowing how Security Shield fails at performing its promised functions, it can easily be said that Security Shield should be avoided at all costs. Many computer users wind up purchasing the Security Shield program. Doing so would only aggravate the situation by charging a credit card at least $60 or more and putting the card at risk of unauthorized purchases being made.

Luckily,, among other trusted PC security sites, has provided a way to alleviate the annoyance of Security Shield. Security Shield, just like other fake security programs, such as Smart Protection 2012 or Internet Security 2012, is difficult to uninstall. To address that main concern, the Security Shield removal report on, gives PC users who may be suffering from the Security Shield application several resources to help get rid of Security Shield. Clearly, from the many false pop-up alerts and bogus system scans, Security Shield can be a serious annoyance.

The latest version of's Security Shield removal report is readily available at:

This report, among others at, are filled with valuable information and resources on how to safely detect and remove malware from a PC.