Survey Results are in: The Most Popular Options in FOREX Trading for Today's Markets

February 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
According to, an internationally-known website offering analysis and information to those who are FOREX investors (or who want to be), there are two options for FOREX trading that seem to be the most popular choices.

For those who have never been exposed to it, FOREX is an acronym meaning FORiegn EXchange trading. FOREX is a system of trading in the many different currencies in use in the nations and regions throughout the world. In most people's estimation, this is a highly technical activity, one best left to "professionals". As a consequence, today most people rely on a technical expert, commonly called a FOREX "broker," who will execute currency trades on behalf of the purchasing party. The companies who employ these brokers allow them to place these trade orders, in real time, using a software "platform" to coordinate all the details.

Another way of thinking about this is to understand that a FOREX broker acts as a kind of middleman. On the one hand you have the individual (or company) who has currency and who wishes to sell it, and on the other hand you have parties who are looking to purchase that same currency. Making things interesting is that usually the selling and buying price points are different — the difference being called the "spread". Because the FOREX broker can execute a "buy" trade at a higher price than a "sell" trade, they are able to generate a profit, usually in the form of a commission which they will earn, although other brokers or firms will simplify things by charging a flat fee for all trade executions.

So, what are the two most popular options for FOREX trading? For many who are asked, they are the eToro and AVAFX trading platforms. When you subscribe to either service (and both are subscription-based computer applications), you will have access to the companies trading desk and can place both buy and sell orders, and have them executed, in real time. An additional benefit is that these applications can run from just about any computer, located anywhere in the world where you care to live and work. These systems can be accessed 24/7, so you won't have to wait, as FOREX trading is carried out all over the world.

The AVAFX trading platform is one of the primary trading platforms discussed at Nearly everyone using it agrees that it has tons of useful features. First of all, you will be able to access currency trades in any of the world's major currencies. Others, who wish to trade commodities instead (or in addition to) of currencies will find that they can execute buy or sell orders for gold, platinum, silver, etc. Small capitalized traders seem to love this platform especially, as you don't have to pony up a lot of cash to get started — you can fund your account with as little as USD $100.00! Having access to your account funds when on the road or shopping is made very easy thru the use of the AVAFX debit card — just pop it into any ATM card and withdraw any part of your current trading balance. Trading in food commodities (such as corn, wheat, rice, sugar, etc.) or materials (like cotton, silk, steel, etc.) is also an option with this trading platform. And according to feedback, one of the most well-liked features of this platform is that no fees are charged if you withdraw money (or deposit it) at an ATM using your debit card.

The other major option for today's traders is the eToro trading platform. Beginner traders LOVE this platform, as you can learn all the ins and outs of FOREX trading using "play money" — this is not an eToro scam of some sort — you can get a practice account for free. While you won't make any real money using the practice account, you won't lose any either. No more wasting your hard-earned funds just to learn the system, or the best trading strategies! The eToro platform, like others, also allows you to place buy and sell instructions while paying no commissions whatsoever. You can open an eToro account and you will get an automatic USD $1000.00 funding bonus. According to feedback received from its users, the interactive display that is utilized is very easy to understand. If you require further help, or just need to research a bit, an online knowledge-base is also available.