Owner of Controversial Website Details Why Dieting Does Not Work

February 11, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Mr. Rob Poulos, owner and operator of the hugely-controversial website www.FatBurningFurnace.com, in a recent conversation revealed his incredible insights as to why diets do not work for most people.

"The reason that popular approaches to quick weight loss do not work, " according to Poulos, " is that they are based on a 'starvation strategy'. Their approach, overall, is to severely restrict the amount of food that one is eating. On the surface, this seems reasonable enough: eat less and you will lose weight. But in reality this strategy is doomed to disaster."

Asked exactly why he felt that this approach is wrong, Poulos elaborated further: "There are several reasons why starvation is not a good weight-loss strategy. First of all, no one really eats this way. As soon as one is off of the diet — even if they have managed to lose some weight — they will resume their old eating habits, thus bringing back the weight. This is why people who diet, do so in an endless cycle — starve, lose some weight, then gain it back, then starve, lose the same weight over again, then gain it right back. That's no way to live."

"The second reason why starvation diets are not going to work is that the body is designed to respond to a restricted intake in foods — the metabolism slows down, and it will also produce a lot of cravings. Those cravings are internal 'urges' that are designed, biologically, to propel one to go out and consume food. Most people have difficulty — some find it impossible — to ignore those cravings. So their diet plan causes them to 'fail,' and they resume their old eating habits. But in reality it is the diet plan that has failed, not the individual.

Asked what the remedy for this dilemma is, Poulos offered his analysis: "Instead of trying to starve yourself, it is much better to find out, first, what are 'good' foods to eat — those foods that actually assist the body in losing weight. Once you know what those
“>fat burning foods
are, then your strategy is simple: eat lots and lots of these good-for-you foods, making your body think that you are eating a lot — because, in reality, you are. As you are not starving yourself, you will feel full and your body will not lower its metabolism, nor will you experience those annoying hunger pangs. An additional benefit is that these fat burning foods will also help your body to control fat-loss hormones that are already present in your body."

Poulos offered some examples of exactly what types of foods would be considered fat burning foods. "For example, many people do not know that there are certain types of vegetables that can help you to lose weight. There are
“>veggies that fight belly fat
. Ingesting these will not just help you to feel full by 'bulking up,' they will actually assist your body with the task of dropping those unwanted pounds."

"Another type of food you could eat is smoothies. Most people enjoy drinking those — and they are especially refreshing when the weather turns hot. In our Fat Burning Furnace program, we tell you exactly how to prepare delicious, nutritious, fat burning smoothies — using foods that they can purchase in just about any supermarket, in any community."