EasyHomeInternetBusiness.com Connects With Entrepreneurs Via Twitter

February 15, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
When looking to promote the interests of the self-employed and entrepreneurial business owner, it is best to start where the majority of forward thinking businesses look when working to spread their message and increase interest in their own product offering. Modern online promotion has made much progress in recent years and the team at EasyHomeInternetBusiness.com understands that the exciting realm of Twitter will allow them to not only attract potential small business entrepreneurs to their website, but also work to assist in spreading news on developments in home-based business and affiliate marketing.

EasyHomeInternetBusiness.com recently announced that they have established and will be maintaining a regular presence on the social networking site Twitter through the screen name "EasyInternetBiz." The website, founded in 2010 by company president and website developer, Jason Kay, looks to educate entrepreneurs and those individuals interested in starting and maintaining a home-based, Internet business in the best and most lucrative opportunities available to them. Through the use of Twitter, EasyHomeInternetBusiness.com hopes to further promote that information and encourage more people to consider starting their own home-based business.

"Right now there is incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs who are considering starting their own business through home-based Internet and affiliate marketing opportunities," stated Kay. "I started this company because I realized that the current economy had many smart people considering other options for themselves, their families and their future careers, but many didn't know where to find quality information. I incorporated all of that on one site, www.easyhomeinternetbusiness.com, and am not only going to continually update the information contained here, but also promote that and communicate regularly with the site's Twitter following."

Indeed, the team at EasyInternetHomeBusiness.com understands that for a site like theirs to be successful and have the respect of the Internet business community, they needed to be able to
incorporate the best and most up-to-date home-based business opportunity information and make sure that the information has the chance to go viral to interested entrepreneurs. The company recently introduced a re-launch of their website and wanted to incorporate other social media processes in order to continually provide relevant information to its subscribers, website visitors as well as the small business community and affiliate marketers. Hence, their debut on Twitter.

"Through the Twitter feed at EasyInternetBiz, I am looking forward to keeping home-based business owners and affiliate marketers aware of changes and new developments in their industry. I also hope to be able to introduce our website and the services we promote to a new generation of business owners; the people who have the entrepreneurial spirit, but who are unsure about where to start. I want to teach these people, from idea to implementation that they can run their own business and be successful and profitable. The EasyHomeInternetBusiness.com website and the EasyInternetBiz Twitter feed will keep these people in the loop!" enthused Kay.

EasyHomeInternetBusiness.com can be found online at www.easyhomeinternetbusiness.com. The company is always updating their website and encourages interested individuals to not only check back regularly to log developments, but also follow the organization @EasyInternetBiz to be kept aware of breaking news and information that matters to the work-at-home and home-based business community.