New Cloud-Based Posterita POS set to Revolutionize Retail with Online Database and available free

February 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Palo Alto, CA, February 16, 2012 A new cloud-based retail POS called Posterita is set to revolutionize retail operations by unifying all stores and operations in a single database. The POS allows 24/7 access to real-time information to improve daily operations of large chains or single stores and ensure that all decision-making is based on customer behaviour and needs. To facilitate rapid adoption, the POS is available free.

Until now, retailers have had to manage each store separately and, in many cases, each cash register a cumbersome process that leads to costly inefficiencies and decisions based on inadequate inventory and customer information.

By contrast, the web-based Posterita POS enables management to share all data about operations in real time from any computer with an Internet connection, an innovation that dramatically improves daily operations and decision-making. The totally integrated retail environment also allows unprecedented inventory transparency to improve purchasing and reduce out-of-stock problems. Management can limit access to data by employee.

The POS also enables complete multi-site management, including multi stores, tax rates, currencies, and languages.

Posterita features a user-friendly interface that allows employees to learn the system quickly. The POS provides an intuitive interface that allows them to be more productive immediately. Interactive menus assist them in each stage of the transaction to improve workflow and alert them to potential errors.

The user interface not only accelerates and safeguards the checkout process; it also captures all transactions and customer data.

Since the system is based on ERP, it offers many features like audit trail, security, as well as tools to improve operations, such as reports to aid decision-making and notifications of unusual activities.

Posterita already integrates with Apps providers, and we will make our API available to enable other Apps providers to integrate with the system easily. So retailers can take advantage of their tools for social media marketing, web store operations, and other applications.

The most striking aspect is that all of these advantages are available free. The company derives its revenue from its reseller network, apps providers, advertising, and value-added services it can provide to retailers, such as shopping cart integration and timely marketing intelligence gathered from its unique database.

Posterita, Inc., maintains offices in the USA in Palo Alto, California, and in Mauritius.

More information is available at the company website: