Security Scanner 2012 Proves to Be a Fake Antispyware App Created to Corrupt Vulnerable PCs

February 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Security Scanner 2012 is undoubtedly a master of destruction and corruptor of vulnerable computers. Security Scanner 2012 opposes being a helpful security program for those who may have a PC plagued with malware. Even if a PC user's system is not bombarded with malware, the Security Scanner 2012 application could turn out to be the culprit of future malware infections.

PC users must understand that Security Scanner 2012 is not a trusted security program. In reality, Security Scanner 2012 is malware that isn't suited for any type of PC user. Online scammers created and market Security Scanner 2012 and other rogue anti-spyware programs, such as Security Scanner and Security Shield, to do the dirty work of extorting money. The money extortion task takes place from Security Scanner 2012's aggressive scam-laden techniques. These techniques include the displaying of misleading pop-up warnings, that usually resemble common Windows alert messages, and the rendering of system scan results filled with bogus threats.

In all, Security Scanner 2012 is considered to be utterly useless in the realm of finding a viable solution to detecting and removing malware from a PC. Usually, Security Scanner 2012 comes from a malicious source over the Internet or even a Trojan horse that finds its way on a PC through an exploitation of a security hole in the system. After the installation of Security Scanner 2012, a system is then susceptible to taking an onslaught of misguided instructions leaving a PC almost useless for normal tasks.

Security Scanner 2012 is in no way a viable 'security scanner'. The newly release Security Scanner 2012 removal report found on lays out several aspects of Security Scanner 2012 that computer users should look out for. Among these characteristics of Security Scanner 2012 is that the hackers who created Security Scanner 2012 are out to take money and leaving in exchange a phony security program.

On the flip side of everything, the Security Scanner 2012 removal report found at:, is able to give PC users bombarded with Security Scanner 2012 a gateway to relief. Simply put, the newly released Security Scanner 2012 removal report has resources that aid in successfully removing Security Scanner 2012 from ones PC. Moreover, these resources are able to rid a PC of all malware files associated with Security Scanner 2012.

It is essential that a comprehensive and proven removal report be used to remove Security Scanner 2012, because it cannot be uninstalled using conventional methods. The hackers who created Security Scanner 2012 made un-installation of Security Scanner 2012 almost impossible to perform manually or using tools on the Windows operating system such as Task Manager.