Instant CheckMate Launches Social Media Outreach Program

February 22, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Instant CheckMate is pleased to announce the launch of a Company Wide Social Media Outreach program, designed to make it easier to connect with subscribers on a variety of different platforms. The goal of the program is to become closer to the background check company's user base, to interact with users on a more personal and less formal basis, and to develop a sense of community among those who use or to plan to use the service.

The social networks currently being used in the initiative are Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Reddit, Digg, and MySpace. However, it doesn't stop there. "We are going to monitor buzz and keep adding more sites to our initiative." says Michael Smith, Customer Relations Manager for Instant CheckMate. "Many of our subscribers use social media networks to meet and interact with people, so it's natural that we use the same networks to help our subscribers keep in contact with us. This way, customers don't need to call or email us; they can contact a real live person wherever they already are." Smith says that he expects the company's social media contacts to play an important role in providing excellent customer service to subscribers.

Instant CheckMate was founded in 2009 as a way to help subscribers learn more about people in their lives. "Our subscribers are very enthusiastic about the service," says Smith. "We provide exceptionally detailed reports that reveal information that a person may not be forthcoming about early in a relationship. The quality of the information really allows people to make decisions about how they want to develop personal relationships with the people in their lives."

Instant CheckMate recently welcomed its 100,000th subscriber and the company has set a goal of serving a million subscribers by 2012. Smith says that people need a trusted source for highly reliable background information. "Things move faster today than ever before, and we are meeting people before ever meeting them. You need to know who you are dealing with." Instant CheckMate provides a fast, reliable and unbiased way for subscribers to learn about neighbors, potential romantic interests, and service providers before providing access to their homes and families.

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Instant CheckMate is an instant background check subscription service for individuals. Instant CheckMate searches include a comprehensive search of federal, state and local records, criminal background checks, sex offender registries, and publicly available records stored in private databases. For more information about Instant CheckMate, please visit our Web site at, or find us on Facebook. Follow Instant CheckMate on Twitter to learn more.