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February 23, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Malaysia, February 24, 2012 All businesses and organizations today rely heavily on IT operations. This includes all information systems such as the website server, telecommunications, customer & business data etc. Data center solution are a service that offers to manage and operate the logistics involved so that the company or organization can concentrate 100% on their actual business.

For a company to run and manage its own IT operations would require a needlessly high investment, both in manpower and budgets. It would require a company to run, maintain and secure its own servers. It would need physical space and extra manpower to run this. Moreover, the time lost to all these logistics would also result in less time devoted to actual business.

The datacenter hosting that Everworks provides allows a business to succeed in its own sphere while relegating its IT operations to them. They provide ISP level internet connections, uninterrupted power supply, fire detection systems and comprehensive security and management for your server.

Their service will not only reduce your costs as they offer a guarantee of the lowest price, your server will also be better managed and protected. Their management will ensure the continuity of your business with absolutely no interruption in your information and data access.

They are highly reputed amongst all Malaysia data center for the services they provide. They have different options amongst the hosting services they provide. They have standard collocation, multi site collocation and also a private rack.

The type of hosting that you choose depends completely on your requirements. All the options however are guaranteed the best in class service. You can see the details of the data center hosting they provide on their website

Allowing them to provide solutions for your data management will help you to devote all your precious time and resources on your own work and thus help your business become more successful.

About The Company
Everworks Solutions Sdn Bhd is IT Solutions Company that provides data center hosting, SMS delivery, mobile transaction and software development services. Their clients include various multinational companies, public and governmental organizations and SMI businesses. They have been in this sector since 2002 and have been providing high quality service ever since.


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