LUXUR Launches High Fashion Interior Design Singapore And Architectural Design Services

February 23, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
Singapore, February 23, 2012- LUXUR - a passionate and bold interior design and architectural firm based in Singapore introduces innovative services for its global clients. The unique fact about the firm is that it associates itself with various types of architectural and interior design Singapore works. These include project management, design creation and execution, and construction services.

Singapore architect and interior designer Singapore associated with the firm also possess a rich experience of handling a wide range of projects that can include interior design Singapore, high-fashion retail stores, residential as well as commercial projects.

In Singapore interior design services, LUXUR specializes in intelligent space planning and layout, decoration and styling, perspective and drawings for carpentry, and contract administration. In architectural design, it is experienced in budget preparation and scheduling, analysis of the site, concept creation and quality material selection, communication with architect Singapore, and development of tender drawings.

LUXUR understands the fact that successful implementation of a project is impossible without cooperation of the client. Accordingly, Singapore architect and interior designer Singapore associated with the firm maintain regular communication with the clients. Furthermore, architect Singapore and interior designer Singapore also stay in regular touch with other people involved in the project, such as contractors and consultants to ensure its successful completion.

Apart from completing Singapore interior design projects on time, LUXUR also specializes in producing creations that are aesthetically appealing and yet, practical. LUXUR also believes in evaluating progress of the project regularly and informing the client accordingly.

LUXUR is a high-brand Singapore-based design and architectural firm that specializes in producing art works with aesthetic value. At the same time, it believes in developing designs that are practical. Furthermore, it emphasizes on understanding psyche of the client, so that it can create work that fulfills his/her requirement. To acquire more information about this innovative store, click at


Located at the center of popular district of Easter Singapore, LUXUR is a reputed interior and architectural firm that specializes in commercial interior design, residential interior design, retail interior design, and architectural design. It understands the importance of space and creates designs that involve effective usage of space.

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