redefines work from home and jobs in Egypt

February 24, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
February 24, 2012 - Have you heard of A new entrant to the online world in Egypt.

Launched on 1/1/2012 is the first opportunity for Egyptians to work from home. Forsetna has a mission of redesigning the outsourcing and freelancing business through virtually utilizing the Egyptian man power.

Forsetna was founded by Mostafa Hashem an Egyptian entrepreneur and a former employee of Vodafone Egypt with a dream to allow people in Egypt to work from home.

I have a dream of being the largest employer in Egypt, but no one works for me, everyone works with me. People in Egypt deserve more jobs, better income levels, less time in traffic and females at home are a huge unutilized workforce. "Commented Mostafa Hashem Founder of Forsetna"

The website outsources work from clients across the globe and instead of hiring full time employees to perform the outsourced work they assign the work to people at home. It's very interesting how no one has actually created a true work from home environment in a country like Egypt with huge amounts of man power, high unemployment rates and awful traffic.

In less than 2 month has reached 10,000 members, 60 people hired from home and 35 clients served. Not only has it caught the attention of Egyptians looking for work but also investors in the region.

Forsetna offer BPO, KPO & ITO services to its clients and stresses on the message, we have endless resources, we deliver exceptional quality and have the lowest price.

Forsetna is expected to expand aggressively during 2012 and would create a new economy that was not present in the Egyptian market.

We will definitely see how it progresses over the coming month and will follow up with an interview with its Founder & CEO Mostafa Hashem.