Preferred Timeshare Resales Shares Tips on How to Vacation Affordably at Lake Tahoe

February 24, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
Karen Phelan has lived at Lake Tahoe since 1982, and has been the broker/owner of Preferred Timeshare Resales for over 16 years. In this article, Karen shares some tips to help make Lake Tahoe vacations not only affordable, but very comfortable.

"In recent years, Americans have been forced to forego their annual Lake Tahoe vacations", Karen shared. "And a few simple considerations can make the difference between a vacation and no vacation."

1) Buy a Resale Timeshare: In today's economic times, an ever-increasing amount of families are taking a second look at timeshares as a viable option in vacationing affordably in luxury. Timeshare ownership has become more affordable than staying in a motel room in many cases. Timeshare Resorts offer various amenities, from mega-luxury with spas, pools, restaurants, and free activities, to a smaller, more subdued experience. Additionally, most timeshare units come with fully equipped kitchens. Kitchens mitigate the temptation to dine out for every meal, which can shave hundreds of dollars off of vacation expenses. Check out Preferred Timeshare Resales for the most affordable timeshare resale opportunities available at Lake Tahoe, at world-class resort properties, such as Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort, The Ridge Tahoe, Marriott's Timber Lodge, and other resort locations around the United States and beyond.

2) Lake Tahoe offers affordable year-round activities: Free or almost-free Summer activities include hiking, bike riding, a picnic in the woods or on a pristine beach. Affordable Winter activities include snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing, or just relaxing by the fireplace watching the snow fall outside the window of your timeshare condo.

3) Use Coupons: Before leaving home, check the internet for Lake Tahoe Coupons, Lake Tahoe Restaurant Coupons, and be sure to check out, Groupon, Deal Chicken, and other coupon websites.

Lake Tahoe is within driving distance from most west coast cities, eliminating the expense of air travel in most cases. To explore the possibility of timeshare ownership at Lake Tahoe, or any other resort location, contact Preferred Timeshare Resales today at 800-299-5536. Preferred Timeshare Resales is a licensed, professional real estate firm, located at Lake Tahoe.