Lifebroker: New Online Resources for Advisers from OnePath and AMP

February 24, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
For insurance advisers, as for many who work in service industries of all kinds, knowledge is power. At a time that has seen information move online at an unprecedented rate and when an adviser's customers are very likely to be seeking their own information on the Internet as a first resort, advisers benefit when insurers provide as many online tools and as much online information as possible.

OnePath and AMP have both risen to the challenge, unveiling online features that can have real, practical appeal for many industry professionals and their clients.

OnePath has responded with OneView Life, an application that is an outgrowth of the company's existing system for monitoring insurance applications in suspense.

OneView Life expands that system to cover OnePath's World of Protection and OneCare policies. An adviser can still track new business applications through the OnePath system, but the expanded functionality allows the adviser to submit documents required in the underwriting requirements and to communicate with underwriters and managers within the online application.

OneView Life also allows advisers to work with in-force policies online. Client and policy information are available and can be analysed within the application. Advisers can respond to client needs and produce Certificates of Insurance when required. Client management benefits from the ability to run a variety of reports, including policies due for renewal and policies that are overdue, cancelled or lapsed, and data can be exported as a spreadsheet or in PDF format. In addition, advisers can access details of cover type, client details, beneficiary details, payment details and commission information.

According to Gerard Kerr, the company's Head of Retail Product, OnePath developed the application in response to "the growing adviser demand for fast and easy online technology solutions" that are destined to become "an even more important part of an adviser's value proposition."

AMP has designed a combination of tools that include online videos and calculators designed to engage customers and empower them to better manage their finances. AMP offers a broad range of educational materials that cover insurance and related subjects, including information about investments, economic factors and superannuation.

AMP helps clients to get a complete picture of their insurance needs by allowing them to include policies from other companies in online calculations, all with the intention of enabling customers to control their finances, evaluate their options and take action when appropriate.

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