Nfohot Launched New Services, Product, And Information Review Site

February 25, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
New product,services, and info review company Nfohot (pronounced infohot) recently opened their online doors on November 30th,2011 with their very first review,which was on Amazon's popular product the Kindle Touch. Since then, they've reviewed a couple of other hot selling products, information,and services. The company's focus is to break down and inform the general public of all the features,pros,and cons of particular products,services,and information that's available out there,today.

The company is currently based in Dallas,TX,and they came up with the name Nfohot because they wanted to cover anything that's hot,popular,or happening. So,it's basically another way of saying, hot info. Right now, the company's website is offers just one category,which is called overviews.

It basically delivers insightful information about certain products,services and other information by detailing out the features they offer. They also give out the pricing information,along with directing their readers to where they can go to learn more about what they're reviewing.

The company plans to extend its category offering to include deals on concert tickets and other things that may be of high interest. The owner of the site, Andre Braddox said, " Yeah, we've just launched the website,and are in the first stages of getting it seo promoted,and just taking it slow and steady."

Andre also revealed that he's very proud at the direction the site is going in right now,and plans on getting many more reviews up as soon as possible,and looks forward to giving the public more detailed information about the popular products,services,and info that's out there.

The site also features rss feeds,so readers can subscribe to keep up with the latest reviews/overviews as soon as they're published on the site. They've also got a Facebook and Twitter fan page up,so people can follow them there as well. Links to those pages are featured at the top right side of the site.

Nfohot is mainly working with and a few other companies right now as part of their product,review,phase,but are very open to working with many other companies as they start to grow. They're just mainly focused on getting through the rough, first phase of promotion and content generation. After that,they will look closely at adding more companies,products,and services to review.