New series of mental relaxation programming available for corporate, medical, and hospitality industries - Programming can be branded and tailored commercial ads included

February 28, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Wayne Anderson, CEO, Forever Young Media, Inc.
telephone: (630) 618-8378

FOREVER YOUNG MEDIA, INC. presents "Creative Communications Station" a new customizable communication system for hospital entertainment, and the corporate, medical and hospitality entertainment worlds.

This new hospital entertainment system provides 4 1/2 hours of relaxing, inspirational entertainment that can be branded place advertisements, and convey communications.

Now there is no need to expose your valued guests and clients to violent and argumentative daytime hospital television while waiting for your services, or undergoing treatment at your facility. Forever Young Media offers companies, and facilities in the medical and hospitality industries a new line of programming that provide a relaxing and calming atmosphere, while conveying communication messages from the user.. Starting this March, the company presents "Creative Communication Station". These will be accessible through contact with the Forever Young Media home office email:

The Creative Communication Station programming is individually priced, according to the amount of branding and ad work created. It is tailored to the customer's needs.

The nineteen individual programs range in lengths of from 12 to 35 minutes in length, and cover a wide range of natural subjects such as landscapes, seascapes, birds, butterflies, lighthouses, deserts, rainforests, south sea islands, polar bears and cherry blossoms, and many more. Each movie includes relaxing background music that complements a mixture of animation, photography, and video footage to honor the occasion. The videos feature quotes from famous people of the past, which are scattered throughout the 19 programs.

For example one of the movies is titled Rainforest movie that includes relaxing music, scenes from the rainforests of the world, and quotes like this one:
"Hope is the struggle of the
soul, breaking loose from
what is perishable, and
attesting her eternity."
Herman Melville, American Novelist, 1819 - 1891

Another movie "South Sea Islands" includes soothing music, enchanting scenes of south sea island beaches, and quotes like:

"You always have two choices:
Your commitment versus your fear."
Sammy Davis Jr., American Entertainer, 1925 - 1990

The whole idea is to communicate a message or series of messages from the institution, and put the guest or client in a relaxed frame of mind when they are either in the lobby, or are undergoing treatment at the facility. Creative Communication Station is excellent for Hospital Television, Hospitals, Hospices, Dialysis Units, Cancer Treatment Centers, Bone and Joint repair and therapy clinics, corporate lobbies, hotel rooms and many more instances. With ample ad space between the movies the system can easily pay for itself.

More information: For more information and inquiry please send an email Forever Young Media at