Hackers Use Windows Functionality Checker (Rogue Antispyware) to Scam PC Users Out of Their Money

February 29, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
For years, hackers have created fake security apps to use aggressive scam techniques to ultimately swindle PC users out of their money. One of the latest fake security programs to grace the Internet is Windows Functionality Checker. Each of these applications represents a number of mischievous methods for making PC users believe that they must purchase a registered copy of the fake security app to remove so-called detected malware threats.

What security researchers have outlined in a recently released removal report is Windows Functionality Checker dates back several years and is successful with using virtually the same money extortion techniques as other rogue security apps. Over many years these extortion techniques have gained hackers a quick payday in the sense that they are able to sell fake security programs to gullible computer users. The Windows Functionality Checker program is similar to many other rogue anti-spyware programs such as Windows Stability Guard, Security Shield and Security Shield 2012.

Usually, such as in the case of Windows Functionality Checker, these fake antispyware programs will pretend that a PC is populated with all types of spyware and malware threats. The alert comes in the form of pop-up messages and even system scan results. In any case, a common PC user would naturally be scared to be notified of the existence of malware on their system. At that point and time, a PC user would take action to remove those threats, which may guide them to purchasing a registered copy of the fake security app. If purchased, programs like Windows Functionality Checker will not do anything to remove malware. This is when a user will grow skeptical of the actions and legitimacy of a program like Windows Functionality Checker.

A YouTube video for removing Windows Functionality Checker can be viewed below for a clear demonstration of the simplified and complete removal process.


The newly released Windows Functionality Checker removal report on EnigmaSoftware.com addresses many types of scams rendered by fake security programs. Additionally, the Windows Functionality Checker removal report gives PC users, who may have run across Windows Functionality Checker, a way to remove malware including the Windows Functionality Checker application. These resources are made available to all PC users including novice and advanced users.

The new Windows Functionality Checker removal report may be accessed over the Internet at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/windowsfunctionalitychecker-removal/