Fraud and Money Laundering: DML Associates, LLC Celebrates Two Years of Getting to the Root of the Matter

March 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
(Lansdowne, Virginia) Terrorist funding, fraud and money laundering are something that every American should be concerned about as these are major problems for businesses. DML Associates, LLC is working along with you the client to combat these issues in many ways. Dennis Lormel speaks across the country on these subjects and many more. Mr. Lormel will be appearing at the 17th Annual International Anti-Money Laundering Conference being held from March 19-21, 2012 in Hollywood, Florida. In addition, he will be conducting a webinar on April, 26, 2012 for the AML Services Group on the topic, "Can You Think Like a Fraudster?". According to Mr. Lormel, "Anyone working in the government, legal, financial and commercial communities can benefit from these events and will be able to make informed, intelligent decisions based on the information learned from them." We also offer consulting services for those who need more in-depth assistance.

The world is constantly changing and your business faces new challenges on a daily basis. Finding the right expert to assist in meeting these challenges is not always easy. Those who choose to make use of the services of DML Associates can overcome obstacles and improve their business in the process. According to Mr. Lormel, "We have experts in many fields. These fields include Compliance Risk and Assessment, Due Diligence, Educational Seminars and Training, Investigative Intelligence and many more. We also offer training on subjects ranging from Anti-Money Laundering, Conducting Investigations, Fraud, Suspicious Activity Reporting and Terrorist Financing."

Why do you need this information and training? Mr Lormel continues, "The training provided gives businesses solutions to compliance issues associated with the Bank Secrecy Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices, Know Your Customer and Sarbanes Oxley Act. You will have the information necessary to make intelligent, informed decisions while also achieving your goals."

In order to meet these challenges, one must be able to answer the questions what is fraud? How does it happen? And who are the perpetrators? Fraud comes in many forms including mortgage, bank and corporate. Your company may unknowingly violate the Foreign corrupt Practices Act or a business associate may intentionally do this. DML Associates, LLC can help you to identify these risks and many other types of corporate fraud your business may encounter. Educational seminars and training are only one method you may choose. Start by attending a conference or webinar and determine if you need one-on-one assistance. You cannot afford to let your business become a victim of fraud scams or accidentally violate government regulations. If it does, it may never recover.

If you are unable to attend either of these events, feel free to contact DML Associates to obtain information about upcoming events. Mr. Lormel will be speaking at a number of conferences and events during the year. If you find there is not one that fits your schedule, a private consultation can be scheduled.

DML Associates offers consulting services on a variety of topics to corporate, government, financial and legal communities. The goal of each consultation is to provide a business with the tools needed to make sound decisions concerning risk, meet compliance obligations while maximizing operational efficiencies. Actionable and credible information will be provided in a timely manner to ensure a business can make critical decisions concerning a variety of sensitive issues. The consultants will work tirelessly to help your business get to the root of the matter.