Swiss Breast Enhancement Specialist Comments on PIP Implant Recall

March 01, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Geneva, Switzerland (March 1, 2012) Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff, a plastic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic surgery in Geneva, is concerned about the many women affected by the recently announced problems with France's Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants. "Many people were shocked by the revelation that the French manufacturer of PIP implants was using unapproved, non-medical-grade silicone and women are concerned about their breast implants" Dr. Schlaudraff said.

Dr. Schlaudraff said he has never used PIP breast implants, and he noted that PIP has had quality problems - for some time.

"As part of my continual practice of evaluating the latest implant options, I previously looked at - and decided not to use - PIP implants," he said. "I'm dedicated to providing my patients with the highest quality, medically approved options and PIP did not meet my requirements for breast augmentation. Swiss, British and French women who have PIP implants should be aware of the risks of implant rupture, silicone leakage and capsular contraction, and they should talk with a highly qualified plastic surgeon about their options."

Dr. Schlaudraff, who is a fellow of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, said the PIP implant manufacturer is being sued for using substandard silicone. The UK Guardian recently reported that Interpol is seeking the arrest of the company's founder.

It is estimated that tens of thousands of women worldwide have PIP implants. Dr. Schlaudraff said the French government plans to pay for the removal of about 30,000 implants from French women. Health authorities in Germany, and Brasil also recommend the removal of PIP implants.

"Some surgeons don't tell their patients what company manufactured their implants, so some women may not be aware of the need for them to consider an implant exchange," Dr. Schlaudraff said. "I always take the time to educate my Swiss cosmetic surgery patients who have breast augmentation about their implants.

Swiss health authorities and the Swiss Plastic Surgery Society (SSCPRE) recommend that women who do not know who manufactured their implants should contact their physicians and
“>patients with PIP implants
should discuss whether their implants need to be removed."

Although many plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation using implants, Dr. Schlaudraff offers another option. He performs natural breast augmentation using fat grafting. This allows women with excess fat in areas such as their bellies or hips to have the fat collected using liposuction. Then, their own fat is used to augment their breasts.
Dr. Schlaudraff also provides medically approved, silicone-filled breast implants, which he says are the preferred option of most women.

At the Concept Clinic, Dr. Kai-Uwe Schlaudraff ( performs reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery in Geneva, Switzerland. He specializes in procedures such as breast augmentation, cell-enriched fat grafting, liposuction and facelifts. Dr. Schlaudraff received his medical degree from University of Freiburg in Germany. After training in London and Paris, he completed a general surgery residency in Switzerland, and received training in plastic surgery as a resident and registrar at University Hospital of Geneva.