Feeling Safe Can Be Easy and Affordable Says Crime Prevention Products

March 05, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Most people, even physically healthy men, can feel vulnerable when walking through a dark street after dark, and for the elderly as well as females it can also be frightening to be home alone when things go bump in the night. Respected security providers such as Crime Prevention Products advise that there is an unobtrusive, easy-to-carry device which will help all members of the public feel safer.

Personal alarms are not only highly affordable and more compact than ever, for their tiny size it is surprising what a loud sound they are capable of emitting. This noise not only alerts others in the vicinity of criminal behaviour, it will shock and disorientate the perpetrator, causing them in most cases to flee the area.

The sound of a personal alarm will vary depending on the size and model type however. For maximum impact and thus protection, the sound when activated after a single press or pull should be continuous and over 130 decibels.

There are two main types of Personal alarm battery operated and gas operated. The latter makes the loudest sound possible due to the pressure that the gas releases. Nevertheless, battery operated models supply a noise that is almost as loud and their sound alert can generally be set off for a longer period than the 3 to 6 minutes of their gas counterparts.

Further distinguishing differences between the two types of personal alarms are that the battery-powered varieties tend to be smaller (in some cases as tiny as 5cm square) for convenient transport, and they often even come in the form of handy key rings or fobs. In contrast, most gas alarms are cylindrical and typically measure approximately 10cm in height, although increasingly there are exceptions sold by leading security providers, such miniature key ring gas alarms which boast 138 decibels of sound.

In addition, gas alarms are activated differently than battery powered alarms. The former tends to have a button that locks down when pushed, meaning they can be set off by pushing the alarm against any part of the body, which saves valuable time and is especially useful for those with dexterity problems. Battery alarms differ in that they are generally set off by pulling a pin out with a chain or cord.

CEO of security company Crime Prevention Products, Terry Rattee, commented: "Ultimately, the choice of which personal alarm is best will come down to a person's individual needs and preferences. Both types of alarm, if bought from a reputable retailer, will do the job of scaring of criminals effectively. The main thing is for people to ensure they always carry the alarm with them and have it readily to hand in case a situation suddenly presents itself."