Smart Fortress 2012 (Rogue Antispyware) Deceives PC Users and Does Not Remove Spyware

March 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The scam of Smart Fortress 2012 starts with its colorful interface, which clearly attempts to mimic the appearance of legitimate security applications. Clearly, Smart Fortress 2012 is not an application that should ever be used for the detection and removal of malware from a PC. Smart Fortress 2012 is undoubtedly one of the most notorious bogus security apps circulating the Internet right now.

Smart Fortress 2012 can be said to be a bad drug whose harmful side effects outweigh its benefits. In reality, Smart Fortress 2012 has no real benefits other than prompting a number of PC users to find a viable solution to detecting and removing related malware from their system. Smart Fortress 2012 belongs to large group of rogue anti-spyware programs such as Windows Attacks Defender, Windows Attacks Preventor, Windows Threats Destroyer, Windows Firewall Constructor, Internet Protector and Windows Stability Guard.

In terms of viable solutions to removing malware, any PC user who encounters Smart Fortress 2012 can take refuge in finding a solution on the newly released Smart Fortress 2012 removal report found on

The newest Smart Fortress 2012 removal report provides PC users with a relevant solution to safely detecting and removing malware, in addition to the Smart Fortress 2012 program. The creators of Smart Fortress 2012 have purposely created it to be virtually impossible to remove or uninstall using conventional methods. By using the Smart Fortress 2012 removal report, a PC user can avoid the invasion of irrelevant pop-up warnings and system scan results populated with insignificant results.

Many PC users have a misconception of Smart Fortress 2012 due to its deceptive tactics. Thanks to the scrutiny of Smart Fortress 2012 listed in the new Smart Fortress 2012 removal report, PC users are able to decipher Smart Fortress 2012 and where it comes from. This report, in addition to helpful malware removal resources, can be accessed at: