Hackers Attempt to Run a Money Extortion Scam with the Fake Antivirus Program Windows Secure Kit 2011

March 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Secure Kit 2011 is just a software 'kit', but it is a stand-alone application for the PC that emerges an outright scam. The scam delivered by Windows Secure Kit 2011 is one that hides behind the enticing interface of Windows Secure Kit 2011 as outlined in a newly released removal report listed on EnigmaSoftware.com.

The trusted security source and site EnigmaSoftware.com has released a comprehensive removal report custom tailored for PC users who have encountered the Windows Secure Kit 2011 program. Because Windows Secure Kit 2011 has been determined to be a rogue anti-spyware program by several trusted security resources on the Internet, one could make the case of Windows Secure Kit 2011 being a clear and present danger.

The way Windows Secure Kit 2011 was designed ultimately leads PC users into a trap that leaves its bite marks embedded for however long it takes to recuperate upwards of $60. Windows Secure Kit 2011 makes a false claim of being able to detect and remove malware from a computer if registered and purchased. PC users must understand, even though Windows Secure Kit 2011 has a registered version for sale for more than $60, buying Windows Secure Kit 2011 will not resolve any malware infection issues on their PC.

As stated in the newly released removal report on EnigmaSoftware.com, Windows Secure Kit 2011 commonly makes its way onto a computer through exploits or malicious advertisements. Usually this process takes place without any obvious indication to the computer user. Windows Secure Kit 2011 is not the only rogue antivirus application wreaking havoc. Among other fake antivirus programs are Windows Threats Destroyer, Windows Stability Guard, Smart Fortress 2012, Windows Basic Antivirus, to name but a few.

As an antidote to the infection and infiltration of Windows Secure Kit 2011, the newly released removal report on EnigmaSoftware.com provides PC users with removal resources. These resources are specific to giving PC users an easy and virtually guaranteed way of removing Windows Secure Kit 2011 safely from their PC.

The Windows Secure Kit 2011 removal report's resources and information can be accessed at: http://www.enigmasoftware.com/windowssecurekit2011-removal/