Steven Brungard, Enola, PA. Has Launched A Petition To Reinstate The Public Option Under The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

March 03, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Politics News
Steven Brungard, a combat veteran from Enola Pennsylvania, is making a plea through a petition at to bring back the Public Option under the Patient Protection and Afforable Care Act so that all persons and employers and insurers can stand equal under Public Law 111-148.

Mr. Brungard's petition, posted and linked below, to amend Public Law 111-148 is a response to recent assaults against the HHS ruling under the Patient Protection and Affordbale Care Act to require insurers to provide contraceptives with no co pay. "We can accommodate all the employers and insurers and persons by bringing back the Public Option, in original or strengthened form, under Public Law 111-148" - Mr. Brungard hopes.

The Public Option will be a safe haven for all persons who want unrestricted access to the reproductive health care and all other health care offered under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The insurance exchange, under PPACA can offer all persons and employers who want religion restricted or moral conviction restricted health care, the choices they seek which align with religious or moral conviction. Have it your way by choosing the Public Health Care Option. Have it your way by choosing an insurer, in the insurance exchange, which excludes what you oppose.

Keep in mind that contraceptives have medical applications as well as family planning and future planning and career planning applications. The medical application of oral contraceptives can mitigate and or prevent acne, breast pain, dysmenorrhea, ovarian cysts, metrorrhagia, mittelschmerz, ovarian and endometrial cancer, premenstrual syndrome, uterine fibroid tumors and iron deficiency anemia. The term "reproductive health care" is far from a misnomer just because oral contraceptives prevent unwanted pregnancy and preclude abortion.

Religion businesses, through their operatives in congress and in state legislatures have introduced hundreds of bills and passed many laws that pain legal abortion and reproductive health care. The religion businesses have vowed to fight against legal abortion and contraceptive use until both are made illegal. Their operatives in congress and in state legislatures have made the same vow. If they would succeed in overturning Roe V. Wade, more children would be born. If they also succeed in banning contraceptive use, many more children would be born. Like any business, religion businesses want more customers and more revenue. Children are the primary source of new customers and continuous revenue for religion businesses. Commercial enterprises benefit too but at a lower level. They will not be seen openly supporting this drive by religion businesses, but, support it they wlll. The religion businesses and their legislative operatives will shout loudly about religious and moral principles. Loudly enough to cover their money motive with moral motive. The money motive is strong and perpetual. It is imperative that people have a safe haven for reproductive health care.

"I am a combat veteran. I fought for the flag that assures all Americans equal treatment under the law. The republican, religion, commercial cooperation against reproductive health care and for an increase in birth rate will violate the flag that I risk my life for and it will violate me. My best hope to preserve what that flag stands for and preserve equal treatment under law is to advocate for a return of the Public Option under PPACA. The religion businesses can have it their way in the insurance exchange and all Americans can have it their way by choosing the Public Option and all Americans will have equal standing in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. That will please me" says Brungard.

All persons who agree with this petition to amend PPACA to reinstate the Public Health Care Option are asked to sign the petition, share comments there and promote the petition any way that they can. The petition is located at this web address: and signing it is simple and quick. Thank you for joining this cause. A contact link is available on the petition page for anyone who wants to send me a message.

The Petition Reads As Follows:

Public Option Amendment
By Steven Brungard (Contact)

To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

Whereas opposition to the provisions and rulings of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148) has moved to allow exclusions from mandated health care coverages for any employer, sponsor, issuer on grounds of religious belief or moral conviction, a public health care option is herewith made available which will cover all mandated health care and meet all of the provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148).

Because the United States Council Of Bishops and their affiliates and their operatives in congress have falsely declared that PPACA constitutes a war against religion and falsely declared that an HHS ruling forces religion to violate its beliefs and because Senator Roy Blunt's Amendment, S.AMEND 1520 to S.1813 seeks exclusions from the provisions and rulings under PPACA on grounds of religious belief or moral conviction, a public option that meets all of the provisions and rulings under PPACA becomes essential to meet the full array of health care needs of persons excluded from such coverage by the Catholic exclusions and the Blunt exclusions.
This reinstated Public Healthcare Option will be introduced in its original form or an improved and strengthened form to be determined by the sponsor of the amendment.

In response to the Blunt Amendment, S.AMEND 1520 to S.1813, I petition any Senator or Representative to introduce an amendment to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148) which will reinstate the Public Option.

Steven Brungard
Chief Warrant Officer
USA, Honorably Discharged
1 E Manor Ave Rear
Enola, PA, 17025