Windows Malware Sleuth is Not a Sleuth in Detecting and Removing Malware

March 06, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Windows Malware Sleuth is a program that has a sticking resemblance of legitimate antispyware or antivirus programs currently on the PC software market. The hackers who spend their countless hours developing and marketing Windows Malware Sleuth, purposely created Windows Malware Sleuth to mimic a legitimate PC security program. This essential step was taken so Windows Malware Sleuth could gain the trust of PC users who may end up wasting their money on a program that is virtually worthless for detecting and removing malware from a PC.

There has been a recent influx of fake security programs related to Windows Malware Sleuth. Many of these programs, including Windows Secure Kit 2012, Windows Threats Destroyer and Windows Attacks Defender, all utilize a similar interface and scam tactic. These scam-laden tactics, as outlined by a newly released removal report on, uses Trojans to change registry entries and displays a multitude of misleading pop-up warning messages.

The recently released removal report addressing the issues of Windows Malware Sleuth on, has uncovered many other aspects about Windows Malware Sleuth and related malware programs. These programs are defined as rogue anti-spyware applications. These programs use aggressive techniques to trick computer users out of their money by basically selling them a bogus security program. The whole process of carrying out this scam is rather clever. The PC users eventually believes that by purchasing a registered version of Windows Malware Sleuth it will somehow remove all of the malware threats that it has reportedly found on their PC. Eventually the PC user finds out they have been tricked when Windows Malware Sleuth fails to remove the so-called malware.

You can think of Windows Malware Sleuth being the total opposite of a sleuth when it comes to weeding out malware on any PC. Fortunately, several trusted PC security resource sites, such as, have released removal reports. Many of these removal reports or removal guides provide PC users with valuable resources to safely detect and remove Windows Malware Sleuth.

Because Windows Malware Sleuth lacks automatic un-installation and removal methods, it has been proven to be nearly impossible to completely delete from a PC without the assistance of an anti-malware program. With this said, Windows Malware Sleuth can be closely compared to a computer virus due to its difficult-to-remove characteristics.

The video linked and posted below is a visual representation of how Windows Malware Sleuth can be easily detected and safely removed from a PC with the assistance of a trusted anti-spyware program such as SpyHunter.

One of the most recent removal reports with updated removal resources for removing Windows Malware Sleuth can be found on at: