Todd Lokken from Strategic Fantasy Football nominates the top busts for 2005 Fantasy Football season.

November 04, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Todd Lokken, President of Strategic Fantasy Football, has named the top three fantasy busts thus far in 2005. The three players are Jamal Lewis, RB from the Baltimore Ravens, Daunte Culpepper, QB from the Minnesota Vikings, and Michael Clayton, Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR.

"This is what makes fantasy football great", Lokken says. "Lewis and Culpepper most likely went very high in the draft, with Clayton probably a low second round pick. It’s amazing that all three are way down on their expected performance". In fact, Culpepper, now out for the year with injuries, is behind Byron Leftwich, Aaron Brooks, and Steve McNair in QB stat columns. Even before last week’s injury, Culpepper was off to a horrendous beginning, along with the rest of the entire Viking franchise. "A drop in performance was expected when you lose Randy Moss. However, nobody thought it would be this drastic." Lokken states.

For Jamal Lewis, perhaps it is a case of just not being ready for the season. Lewis spent part of his off-season serving a prison sentence, and has definitely started much slower than years past. In fact, many observers are wondering if it is time for Chester Taylor to move into Baltimore’s top spot. Thus far in 2005, Lewis has only 387 yards rushing, while averaging 3.0 yards per rush, which is hardly the performance of a first round pick.

Finally, Michael Clayton of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just seems to be a question mark. Clayton had some great performances in 2004, and may experts saw him as the top WR in Tampa. However, a resurgent Joey Galloway has refused to let Clayton lay claim to the #1 spot, and Clayton just seems lost in many games. Thus far in 2005, Clayton is averaging a little over 3 receptions per game, and has yet to score a TD in 2005.

What should fantasy owners do at this point? “If you still have Clayton, he may be valuable if you can afford the roster spot”, says Lokken. “As far as Culpepper, he obviously needs to go since he will not play anymore in 2005.” And finally, what about Jamal Lewis? Lokken replies, “He may be one to keep for now. However, pay very close attention to Chester Taylor and the reports out of Baltimore. Baltimore just can’t continue to live with the way Lewis is running”.

"I'm sure the list will change again, as Lewis and Clayton can still redeem themselves. What will be interesting is to see who will replace them on this list", says Lokken.

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