Boob job creams tested over six weeks – to mixed results

March 14, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Cosmetic Surgery Guru an online resource that specialises in both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures including breast augmentation carried out the study over a six-week period and focused on two of the market's leading boob job creams. Volunteers were recruited to test the creams and record their experience, with the results published this week.

The most expensive cream available was reportedly a very effective moisturiser with luxurious qualities that the majority of the women testing it favoured. However, this positive quickly turned to a negative, as no-one was able to report a change in the size of their breasts. One lady admitted she was "gutted", while another said it was "not worth the money for what is more or less a posh moisturiser".

Another thing that was praised with this first product was the "soft scent of rose, orange and grapefruit oil", but unfortunately the inconvenience of having to apply it became something of a chore for some around halfway through the testing. "I started by enjoying the experience and the luxury of the cream," said one woman, [but] I'm getting bored with the extra step especially as there's no discernible difference." The cream for some women proved not to be an alternative to having a boob job.

When it came to the second cream though, which was less expensive than the first, there was a much more favourable response. Not only was the smell of the product something that went down well, but a noticeable difference in breast firmness was noticed by some. "I do think my breasts feel fuller and tighter," one volunteer explained. "For example, in the past when I had on a bra and put my hand in the middle of my chest when the bra sections meet it was totally flat now it feels fuller. My breasts also look a bit rounder and more appealing in my bra."

While some noticed their chest felt "slightly firmer" and that their bras were "fitting much tighter", one of the main positives taken from the findings was that applying the cream twice a day made people more breast aware. One woman even explained that she'd "certainly be likely to notice changes" as a result of using the creams.