Windows Managing System Misleads PC Users into Buying its Fake Antispyware

March 15, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
A newly documented and released removal report from has been made available specifically for PC users who have encountered the Windows Managing System. This report outlines many aspects of how deceptive Windows Managing System is and how it fails at providing any usable functions for security solutions on a PC. In some cases, Windows Managing System has misled PC users to the point of giving up and paying for a registered version of this dummy security program. This process is normally conducted by Windows Managing System's ridiculous pop-up warning messages and ineffective system scans.

Windows Managing System was created by hackers who purposely developed Windows Managing System to be very difficult to remove from a PC. Moreover, Windows Managing System may not be removed in some cases without the assistance of an updated anti-malware program.

Windows Managing System can be compared to many other similar rogue anti-spyware programs such as Windows Risk Minimizer, Windows Personal Doctor or Security Shield. Many of these apps are a way for cybercrooks to make quick money at the expense of inexperienced computer users. In the end, PC users may inadvertently purchase a program such as Windows Managing System in hopes that by registering the app it would in turn remove all so-called detected malware threats. Unfortunately, this scenario ends up in a battle between the PC user's credit card company and the malware creators.

A video posted on YouTube demonstrating how Windows Managing System operates and how easy it is to remove Windows Managing System, provided a PC user has the proper resources at hand, is available below.

Just like in the video above, using the necessary removal resources will allow virtually any PC user to safely remove Windows Managing System from their system. The complete Windows Managing System removal report is also available on the site at: