Follow the Pros with Brand New Website Tour Pro Golf Clubs

March 16, 2012 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Designed to offer an 'inside the ropes' view of the equipment used by the world's best golfers on tour, Tour Pro Golf Clubs is an extensive database for golf fans on the various brands of club the top pros take on tour.

The unrivalled information provided by Tour Pro Golf Clubs is in no small part down to the tireless work of the Tour Pro Insider, who attends tournaments across the world; gaining an exclusive level of access to the top players and all of golf's biggest brands.

Tour Pro Golf Clubs allows budding golfers to follow in the footsteps of their golfing heroes by looking into their bag and viewing the clubs and equipment the tour pros endorse. This is extremely useful for beginners and amateurs alike choosing from the hundreds of clubs on offer for their own golf bag.

The Tour Pro Insider, who is present at many of the major tour events across the PGA and European Tours, will also keep members and Twitter followers @tourproinsider up to date with all the latest chatter and equipment updates straight from the greens and fairways.

Tour Pro Golf Clubs has been designed to meet the needs of avid golfers and enthusiasts as well as those new to the sport, adopting a clear, user-friendly layout that makes it easy for users to identify players by both the brand of clubs they use, their world ranking and within an alphabetical list.

The Tour Pro Insider's excellent access to the top stars also means the site is regularly updated with stunning colour photographs of golf's top professionals in action, using their most trusted clubs and accessories.

About Tour Pro Golf Clubs

Launched in Spring 2012, Tour Pro Golf Clubs gets inside the golf bags of the world's leading tour golfers to present golf enthusiasts with an unrivalled insight into their choice of clubs. With information supplied by the Tour Pro Insider, the leading manufacturers and market research, the new website is a substantial resource for golf fans worldwide.